The Best 12 language translation apps for android

Language Translation Apps:

The supercomputers in our pockets have made our lives quite easier, and the language barrier is no more a hindrance now. There are a number of translators available for the convenience of the users. These translators have dozens of languages installed that can translate literally any language to the language of choice. Well, smartphones are called smart for a reason.

There are thousands of mobile apps which have been developed for the android system. However, the invention of language translators is quite useful and practical to use.

Here is a list of translator applications that have been compiled for the guidance of the users so that they can conveniently use the language translation apps for android.

1. iTranslate Voice 3

iTranslate is a magical translator. It comes with voice-to-voice communication across languages. Simply speak into the phone and the app will get it translated for you. The app has support for more than 42 languages and the user can get translation in whichever language he wishes to.

2. SayHi

SayHi offers support for more than 90 languages. It covers many dialects too and allows the user to select the speed at which the user wishes to express the translated voice. There is no typing necessary while using SayHi. The user simply has to speak and the device and the app will get it transcribed for the counterpart.

3. TextGrabber

During the visit to other countries going through menus and making a choice, reading text signs and e manuals could be a real task. TextGrabber comes for the rescue in such cases, where the user can simply flash the camera at the text which needs to be interpreted by the user and instantly translate it to the language of the user’s choice.

4. BK Translate apps

BK Translate is a developer with a number of translation apps on Google Play. They have a plethora of languages including the popular ones like Spanish, Arabic, German, and French with a few more. Each app has the same functionality. It bridges the gap between English and other languages of choice. BK has the features of text translation, voice, and translates handwriting as well. It works with words as well as full sentences. The user interface is interactive and easy to use. These are simply amazing apps. BK Translate offers free apps but advertises a lot of stuff. There is no option of removing the ads, not even the payment option, sadly.

5. Dict Box

Dict box is another multilingual dictionary. It offers support to a lot of languages including the famous languages of English, Spanish, French, Arabic, etc. The app also offers complete support offline, auto-corrections, audio pronunciations, and pictures flashcards for memory practice. It further includes the camera features. The designs are not complex and rather easy to use. It has its premium version, hence a few of the features are locked in the free version, which can be further unlocked in the paid version.

6. Dict. cc

Dict. cc is another important translator. It works well with many languages including Italian, French, Latin, Spanish among others. This app works with single words only. However, it is regarded as a good medium to translate. The app has the features of offline support, auto suggestions, pronunciations, and many more. Its free version has ads and supports quite a number of languages however, the premium version supports more languages, and it is without


7. Dictionary Linguee

This is a multilingual dictionary. It has support for a number of languages. The app offers an interactive and user-friendly interface. Other additional features include offline support, example sentences, audio pronunciations, and many more. This is considered one of the best multilingual dictionaries for a mobile. It doesn’t contain any ads or in-app purchases.

8. Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the best translation apps on android. It supports more than 100 languages online and around 50 languages offline while typing. The translator also offers the feature of translating via cameras such as the menus and street signs. It further supports handwriting, voice input, and typing input. Google Translate can also translate a complete conversation if required. Other than the occasional bug, the translator functions really well and smoothly.

The mega feature of Google Translate is its word lense feature, which prompts users to flash their camera at any piece of text or sign, and it will translate that text for the user. Isn’t it simply amazing? It surely is. Word lens later transforms the image to the textual content in the user’s preferred language. Hence, Google Translate is undoubtedly one of the bests among language translation apps for android

9. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft translator is a very much appreciated translator.  It is good at the services it offers. Besides, it has language support for more than 60 languages. The number is, though less than the ones in Google Translate, however, more than many other translators. All the services are available offline. This translation app also supports a two-way support feature. It has a pronunciation guide. Phrasebooks and android wear support. It has a few other alternate translations as well. Another great thing about Microsoft translator is, it’s pretty good and free. It doesn’t offer you any ads or other in-app purchases. The UI is also interactive and a good one.

10. Innovative Apps translation apps

Innovative apps are another developer on Google Play. They have a plethora of bilingual dictionary apps. These work as translation app and have the same features. This means they have full online support, pronunciations, voice search, synonym, and antonyms. There is a variety of languages and the user can choose any language for translation as per the requirement. All these apps are free, but there are advertisements.

11. Naver Papago

It is a translation app which is designed by Naver. Naver is a famous search engine in South Korea. It is more or less the same as Google search and Google Translate. This translator supports the translation of 13 languages. It has features of translating text, images, voice as well as real-time translation. This translator app is available with all the functions offline. Another best thing about this translator is it gets the handwriting and website content too and can translate accordingly. The translator is though not as broad as Google Translate or Microsoft translate. However, the user interface and other features make it a good one to use.

12. Reverso Dictionary

This is a popular multilingual dictionary. This is a good option to consider for translation and all in case if other translators are not available on unfunctional. It supports a number of languages. The app also features example sentences, pronunciations, word games, and offline support. It has many additional cool features as well. The app is always functional and experiences the bug occasionally, though.


The android system is one of the basic and leading mobile systems. It has a number of applications available for the convenience of the users. However, the language translation apps for android make it one of the preferred choices of most users. There are hundreds of translator apps available. However, this article contains around twelve translational apps with their additional features to guide the users.

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