SMS Advertising Benefits For Health Care Institutions

Communication has become crucial with time. Everything is better with a perfect communication medium. To communicate, several mediums are in use. But in terms of marketing, SMS advertising is gaining popularity and is more cost-effective than other mediums. For example, communication over a phone call is more expensive than an SMS.

Many institutions are taking the help of SMS advertising to promote their business and communicate with their clients for a severe and fast reply. Among the users of SMS advertising mediums are the health care institutions. The use of SMS advertising in health care institutions is vast. SMS advertising UAE made this communication possible in many health care institutions within the past few years.

This way of communication has benefited both the hospitals and the patients. The benefits this method of communication provide are countless. Here we will discuss some of the benefits of SMS marketing and how it is helpful.

Use of SMS services in hospitals

The hospitals use SMS service in many ways. Some of these services are to communicate within the premises of the hospital. Some of these services are used to communicate outside the hospital’s boundaries, i.e., to communicate with their patients or the general public who might need help in the future.

Within the premises of the hospital:

  1. Employee or workers shift details

The workers or the staff member get notifications on their work shifts and schedule through SMS. That is why this is the most effective way of telling them about their work shifts compared to the traditional way of informing them about the duty hours and days.


  1. Communication between the staff

There are times when the dealing of a patient’s case becomes critical for a single doctor. A group of specialists examines the patient to check the staff’s availability is now more convenient through SMS service.


Outside the premises of the hospital:

The SMS advertising’s main aim in the health care institutions is to make the people outside the hospitals comfortable and at ease. This is possible in many ways. Some of the most common benefits of SMS advertising are here.

  1. Alert messages

SMS advertising is helpful enough in health care institutions in many ways. Hospitals use messages to alert users about the pandemic, deadly viruses, and diseases. These messages contain the disease’s description, plus the tips and precautions to stay safe from such spreading viruses. Alerts benefits the people and save them from getting any serious infectious diseases by taking precautionary action on time.

  1. Special discount offers

Hospitals send most of the discount offers on daily routine checkups via messaging service. Offers are most common in dentistry, where dentists offer free checkups and discount offers to their patients.

The chances of the number of people to avail such services increases since people mostly read the messages.Especially the ones that can gain the recipient’s attention. Discount offers are one of them.

  1. Timings

Patients get notifications about the timings on special occasions or the regular timings. The availability of the doctor may vary in the days of the week. It becomes challenging for the patients to cope with the changing schedule of the doctors.

Patients get notifications on the availability of the doctors so that they can make their schedules accordingly.

  1. Test reports

The confidentiality of the patients is of great importance. Patients get their medicalreports and results through SMS instead of them visiting the hospital to check whether the reports are ready or not.

  1. Fitness tips

Apart from regular checkup notifications and reminders, hospitals send fitness and health tips to the people out there.

  1. Appointment reminders and schedules

In today’s busy world, it becomes hard for people to remember their appointment dates and times with many things happening around them. SMS services remind the patients about their appointments and ask them if they are available or not on the given date.

  1. A strong client doctor relationship

With the increase in communication between the doctor and patient, their relationship becomes more vital. Patients usually feel shy to open up about their case when they don’t have their doctor’s comfort level. That is why SMS marketing is playing a significant role in developing strong and fair relationships between these two entities.

This level of understanding helps the doctors to know the problems of the patient well.

  1. Free camp notifications

Many hospitals arrange free camps in which they examine the patients. Many people attend free campsites and wait for them to be organized by health care institutions. Most people miss these free camps because they do not get enough information about the camp’s timing and location. Health care institutions can notify people through SMS service about the upcoming free camp and the site and other essential details.

Just go for the ease of your staff and the patients to make things work smoothly. SMS marketing is one of the ways to bring comfort and ease. SMS advertising in UAE will be grateful to help you in carrying out SMS marketing strategies in your health care institutions.



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