Save Money With Custom Packaging

With inflation at an all-time high, businesses all around the world are trying to find ways to save money. Some brands often try to save money by compromising the quality of their products. This is a terrible business practice and does not help at all with customer retention. There are plenty of other ways in which you can save money. For instance, multi-purpose packaging and cutting extra costs are very effective methods. Have a read and let us know if you can think of any other more creative ways!

Keeps You From Being Wasteful

There is a common myth that custom rigid boxes packaging are more expensive than another packaging. Well, let us debunk it for you. While it is true that custom packaging requires more effort and time, that does not mean that it costs more than stock packaging. In fact in several cases, it actually costs less and is less wasteful! Stock packaging comes in one-size-fits-all. It is often made of dull brown material. Sometimes you have to add extra bubble wrap to make sure your product fits and that it keeps safe. This extra packaging often takes up more space than the actual product. Imagine how much money you would be saving on material if you got a box designed specifically for your products!

Customized box space and increased product security are the two main features of custom packaging. This helps you take care of the specific needs of your products. You would not have to worry about people sending back their products because they are damaged. Safe and secure products, along with budget-friendly packaging! What more could a business ask for?

Efficient Packaging

In the current era, the unboxing experience means the world to customers. The more thought and effort you put into packaging, the better the unboxing experience. Imagine the disappointment of customers if they open the package only to find a damaged product. Well you can say goodbye to customer retention then. Sending broken or damaged items will not only cost you a customer but would lead to you losing money in several ways. This includes return shipment, refund, and all the other costs that could easily have been avoided. Custom boxes are not just pretty boxes, they have many functions. They can effectively protect your product.

With custom packaging, you do not have to worry about what can and cannot be placed in the boxes. Get inserts, bubble wrap, foam or anything else that you believe would help keep your product safe. Adding inserts to your packaging is another effective way of optimizing your box. This makes your items look organized.

For any box, it is important for it to seem like it was created specifically for the product. This not only allows for a good unboxing experience but also keeps the products safe through the shipping route. No business wants to spend extra money on replacing damaged items of angry customers! Custom packaging is the best way to prevent such mishaps.

Custom Packaging Helps You Save Money On Marketing

One of the best features of custom packaging is that it can be used for many purposes. Whether it is for marketing or keeping your precious items safe- custom packaging is the right choice for you! Use packaging as an efficient selling tool for your brand.

Good packaging will not only help you gain customer loyalty, but it will also help you enhance your reach. In the modern market, it is all about creating a unique user experience. The way you present your product in the market creates lasting impressions on the customers. The impact of this presentation is more than any marketing campaign you could ever carry out. For instance, let’s say Taylor Swift is promoting a product with bad and flimsy packaging. No matter how hard she tries, the customers are still going to get frustrated. This is because the product they paid for showed up damaged at their doorstep. By investing in safe packaging, you would not even have to run fancy and expensive advertising campaigns. Let the quality of your product do the talking. Another good marketing tactic is to place your new products or best-sellers on the packaging. Let the customers know about your other products with inserts and coupons! Gift cards and personalized notes have also proved to boast sales. With such hacks and tricks, you would not only be saving money but also building a strong brand!

Save Money On Shipment

Custom packaging is an effective tool for saving money- especially if you order your boxes in a large volume. It is a well-known fact that the more items you will be buying, the overall price will decrease accordingly. This holds true when it comes to packaging. If you buy product packaging boxes in a bulk then you would certainly be saving money. Perhaps your supplier would also be able to cut you some deals when it comes to shipment and transport or even assembly. 

One more way that custom packaging helps you save money is product shipment. Is your stock packaging heavier or bigger than what you need? Then you need to opt for custom packaging now! Shipment costs vary according to the weight of your item and of course their size. Unnecessarily large boxes are going to cost you more. With custom sized packaging, made especially for your product,  you will not be paying one cent extra. Do not go for the easier solution with one-size-fits-all boxes. With product-specific boxes you will be saving tons on shipping costs.

Multi-function Packaging

As mentioned earlier, custom packaging would help you utilize space in an effective manner. If your product comes with a combination of other items, why not place them in one box. This will not only help you save extra packaging costs, but also keep all your relevant products close together. Multi-purpose packaging is also very practical. Customers find it vastly more useful and helpful. Custom cardboard boxes are one of the best example of multi function packaging.

Well, this is how you can save tons of money by just opting for custom packaging! Creating boxes that are well-suited and fulfill the requirements of your products is much cheaper than you thought! 

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