Promo Codes for Disintermediate

What is a Promo Code

A promo code is an alphanumeric wording that is communicated to a selected group of customers (or not) in order to get them discounts or benefits.

Typically a promo code is used in marketing to increase visibility and sales both online and offline.

Why use a Promo Code?

There are countless uses and advantages that a promo code brings with it!

Using a promo code means being able to access a restricted circle of customers to a specific promotion, giving the advantage of not devaluing the product in a specific period and in a specific sales channel, obtaining an increase in sales.

Typically, in fact, the regatta discount code must be motivated , to ensure that the customer correctly perceives the real value of what he is buying and not to compromise the future sale of the same.

Often the promo code strategy is planned to increase the customer base. Through its use we obtain customer data, thus being able to store them and use them in the future for commercial purposes.

The customer loyalty also could also go through promo codes. By reserving personalized discounts or benefits for some customers, I have the opportunity to link them to my brand over time.

The classic “bring a friend” action creates a viral effect generated by word of mouth, which I can also manage through promo codes.

A last but very important advantage of the codes is that of being able to disintermediate ! An important and almost essential action for some hotels today!

How to use them?

The simplest use is obviously what can be done Offline.
Printing a promo code on a business card, on a brochure, on a promotional flyer or on a personalized gift voucher are certainly the most immediate ways to go, but these tools have limited distribution and use as their recipient is a rather small number of people.

Typically we tend to use these solutions for promo codes aimed at building loyalty, making a new product known or disintermediate, so that the customer at the next stay books through a direct channel and not transacted, thanks to the promo code!

The uses I can make of online promo codes are rather unlimited, because there are many solutions, tools and channels that the web offers.

Below we try to draw up a TOP FIVE of the best uses:

– Booking Engine
Every self-respecting booking software has a clearly visible section reserved for inserting the promo code. Therefore, configuring a code on the Booking Engine involves the dissemination of the same through other tools.
It is possible to provide discounts on the list rate, or to dedicate dedicated price lists or even packages / promos strictly reserved for that code.
The codes can be customized (each customer will have his own code) or cumulative, grouping in a single solution many customers for the same promo.

Have you ever thought about running a PPC campaign managed exclusively with a promo code? This first of all would allow us to have a perfect tracking of the amount of contacts that derive directly from that specific campaign, thus being able to measure the conversion to the penny. This involves the creation of a dedicated landing page for further information on the use of the code or the direct link to the booking engine.

– Facebook
Providing a promo code only for Facebook users can be interesting especially if another action that is as viral as possible is connected to it. I dedicate a promo code in exchange for 1 like for example. It thus becomes a real exchange, a campaign aimed at obtaining more contacts. Some Booking Engines have now been equipped with a feature that allows the customer to unlock a promo only after obtaining the like.

– Official Site
Communicating a promo code on the official site means not filtering the customer. It is an unconditional communication and that is why it must be studied in detail.
A promo code in this case can be used to promote a new service, to push a rather weak product in a given period or to create a rather strong disintermediation strategy as it is very visible!

Subscription to the newsletter

Convincing website visitors to subscribe to the hotel newsletter voluntarily is always very complicated and conversions are on the run.
Encouraging them by communicating that they will have an exclusive discount code that they will receive upon registration confirmation or the first newsletter can also be a great way to populate your lists for mail marketing.

Create your code now: here is a guide to follow you step by step!

Surely to get the best results a promo code must be strategically planned following some basic rules, to ensure that no details and posthumous opportunities are left out.

Purpose : to identify immediately why I create a promo code this is certainly the first idea to be clear and that must be effectively communicated to the customer to ensure that its use and potential are understood, trying to create a strong perception of the brand in the customer and not just the idea of ​​having a discount for its own sake.

Duration : how long the promotion will be visible and in what time frame it can be spent are not just details, especially if you use it for loyalty actions over time or if you use paper supports that risk being used over a long distance unless otherwise specified.

Content : specify what we offer, why to that customer and why in this period, as well as obviously what details the service / product includes and finally how to book it.

Target : deciding to whom it is addressed and how to address me to this specific market are fundamental points for the diffusion of the promo and for the selection of contacts.

Channel : where do I post it? One of the tools mentioned above are an example.

  • Medium: with what support do I communicate it to my client? On this point we can really give space to the imagination. The most used means are personalized newsletters, post stay emails, sponsored campaigns on Facebook or internal hotel channels such as breakfast placemats, personalized vouchers in the room accompanied by a fruit basket or the latest news: the platform Wi Fi connection which from today can be managed through the user’s Facebook page after obtaining the like or which can instead contain dynamic messages managed by the hotel and therefore with a high possibility of customizing the content.
  • Post promotion actions: surely a promo code was created to increase sales. But that’s not enough! Faced with this opportunity, it is essential that the customer reserves a counterpart for us .. We must study the management of the code in order to be able to collect as much information as possible on the customer who decides to use it, in order to be able to plan strategic actions based on his its target, its interests, its spending potential.

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