Is walking a good cardio exercise

There are several benefits to walking. It keeps you fit and contributes to both physical and mental wellbeing. As opposed to running, walking is an easy and manageable physical exercise. It helps you burn calories and maintain your body shape as you will establish from

Cardio exercise is also an aerobic exercise. It is an exercise that delivers a lot of health by making the body utilize excess calories. If you are a workout fellow or you love including excesses in your regular daily routine, you may require understanding whether walking can be a good Cardio.

Sincerely speaking, it isn’t easy to categorize cardio as either a cardio exercise or not. To some extent, it can be under the cardio category. It is because it allows you to burn excess calories and increases the heart rate. It can also be a non-cardio exercise when you factor in not giving your heart enough exercise to improve its heat rate as other activities such as running. Here are some of the reasons why waling cannot take place for cardio

Walking is not more vigorous than running

you can classify Cardio exercise according to its intensity. Waking can be under low-intensity cardio. It is not more vigorous. Jogging, on the other hand, is a moderate form of cardio exercise. Racing and sprinting on the most vigorous form of cardio.

Depending on your needs, you can go for the best exercise you need for your body. For instance, if you are training as a fast runner, you will need to do more vigorous activities and some small, low-intensity exercises. If your goal is to increase your anaerobic activities, you will need less vigorous activities like walking.

Though cardio and less intensive exercise differ in their intensity, both have their health benefits as far as body fitness is concerned. You need about 150 minutes of endurance activity and at least 75 minutes of rigorous workout in a week. You can mix-match two exercises to double the benefits of exercise.

According to this scenario, how can we categorize walking? It is still challenging to have a one blanket explanation of how walking is either a cardio or endurance activity. The best scale of defining a cardio activity is the effects on heart rate. An exercise that makes your heart rate at 50-70% of its max can be considered moderate cardio. Those which place your heart at 70- 85 % of its maximum can be a high cardio activity.

To categorize walking clearly, you need to check its intensity as reflected in the heart activity.

There is a difference between walking and strolling

To get a clear picture of whether walking is an aerobic or endurance activity, you need to define jogging and running. The moment one foot is off the ground and takes the next step, you will be walking. As noted by this assignment help service, once you start making a hopping movement with one foot going ahead of the other one, you will be running. Jogging, on the other hand, is a slow form of running.

People claim that it is always easy to keep up a high heart rate by running, which is not valid. You can still achieve the same high rate by waking activity such as hiking a mountain top. Efficient runners can use jogging while keeping their heart rate low.

When you are organizing for work out, first think about the intensity. The activities intensity will determine the kind of goal you need to meet in your workout plan. If you are not sure of the categories of the activity you are in, measure your heart rate. You can use a watch or special equipment to get the rate. Another easy way of determining your heart rate is by using a finger on your chest and counting the heat beat versus time.


You may despise walking, yet it gives the best cardio than you think. It all depends on what you need to achieve with your exercise. If you need more vigorous cardio with walking, then increase the intensity of walking. If not comfortable with walking, you may go for other activities which give the same effect. Some other activities you may try include cycling, dancing among others. However, understand that walking can be the most straightforward cardio exercise if you do it right.

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