Is Security Camera Installation really needed to be used everywhere?

With the increase in crime rate worldwide, security cameras are installed almost everywhere. These include homes, government institutions, and even public spaces. The question is do all these security camera installations really help to curb down crimes? Another question that comes to mind is that do you need security camera installation at your place or office?

Let’s deep down more

In order to answer these questions, we must first look at crime statistics. The number of crimes that happen all over the world is a cause for concern as well as a loss for those who suffer from it. There are now around 68 million surveillance cameras worldwide. The global crime rate has been reduced by about 2.1% each year ever since the introduction of surveillance cameras. A lot of countries have used it as a tool to monitor traffic and reduce speeding. The installation was also able to capture crimes such as drug abuse, theft, pickpockets, and vandalism at home or in public areas like streets and highways.

However, this security measure has its bright side and its dark side. On one hand, we can say that it is very effective with evidence gathering and solving crimes but on the other hand, we would say that when it comes to identifying all the criminals, only cameras are not enough. But, they do help you add an extra layer of security to your place.

Do you need security camera installation?

The answer is yes because the cameras are effective with their purpose in order to help reduce crimes in your area. A lot of large corporations have also installed security cameras in their establishments which have helped them prevent crime. You can also place the camera in your home to monitor your property and also place them outside so you can have better coverage. If you own a corporate space, then you also need to install fingerprint access control to uplift the overall security.

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