How to Watch ABC on Kodi Live

Kodi is a media center application which provides for enough customizability. It is ideal for both the experts and beginners. Kodi users have the capability of watching ABC contents through live streaming. With kodi media player, users can watch movies, series and other several TV channels

There are official and legal add-ons that allow users to watch ABC contents live. Consequently, as the internet is getting infiltrated with many scammers, some developers resort to introduce illegal add-ons. However, in this article we will equip you with a limelight on how to watch ABC on Kodi live.

How Kodi Works

It is essential that you understand how kodi works because it does not have content. It uses add-ons that are created by developers to stream all sorts of content. Developers come up with add-ons that are able to play even the copyrighted content. However, this is entirely dangerous so ensure you use proper add-ons.

How to watch ABC on Kodi live?

Some people like to watch news in the US or any important TV show when they go outside the States. This is now a simple and easy thing to do thanks to the kodi platform. Developers have developed some ways to watch ABC live on kodi with legitimate add-ons.  Therefore, it is important that we explain how you can watch ABC on kodi live.

Always use a VPN with Kodi

In order to stream ABC TV on kodi, you need to bypass the geoblocks that are imposed in some regions. Therefore, this makes a VPN very important because it helps you to hide your online location. Consequently, VPN is ideal in increasing the online privacy of an individual.

When you use the VPN, your traffic is encrypted so that no outside observer can read it. This allows your ISP to stop from sharing information about your online activities to other parties. Hence, no add-on will access any live streams without a VPN.

VPN is also essential because there are add-ons that are geo-restricted on Kodi and that only require VPN to work. Failure to use it when using the add-on, you are automatically geo-blocked.

While streaming your ABC shows on Kodi, your connection can be throttled by the ISP. However, when you use VPN this problem is as good as solved.

Another crucial thing to remember is that, if you want to choose the best Reliable Kodi VPN List by ensure you make the right decision. At times you can get some that come with malware and some are slower than normal.

We vouch for ExpressVPN as the most outstanding VPN which you can use to Watch ABC on Kodi live. It is relatively fast and it offers consistent connections anywhere in the world. No information logging on any of your activities that are undertaken.

Best Kodi add-ons for watching ABC live

Below we will discuss the two Kodi add-ons that can allow you to stream ABC channels live from official sources.


Essentially, the USTVNow add-on is a service that was developed to enable the armed forces of the US.  It assists them to watch american television broadcasts when they are outside the United States.

However, this add-on is now the leading service provider because anybody can sign up for the add-on free of charge. This means that with only a click, you are able to stream the ABC contents using the USTVNow add-on.

The USTVNow add-on has a free plan whereby you are able to stream live all the important TV stations. Apart from ABC, you can also get the opportunity of streaming contents from CBS, PBS and CW.

Another outstanding factor about the USTVNow add-on is that there are no geo-restrictions on the contents. That means you can easily stream from any location in the world provided you sign in with your account. A notable downside is that you may fail to get an on-demand content with this free tier

Moreover, USTVNow add-on provides for premium plans for individuals that want additional features. These plans range between $19 per month to $99. Once you subscribe for the plans, you are able to gain access to more than 200 channels. If you are a lover of the HBO or Showtime, you need to pay for these premium plans.

You should check on the official Kodi repository to get your USTVNow add-on. You can download free of charge and try streaming ABC directly after signing in.

 WABC Programs

The WABC programs add-on is another outstanding way that you can use to stream the ABC contents. It is also found on the official Kodi repository. Users like it because it is easier to operate. This add-on has an entirely non-customizable interface and streamers can easily get the ABC contents on a single page.

Media library of the WABC programs is balanced. That makes it easier to blend both the new and old content of the ABC. Therefore, everyone’s needs are catered for by it even if you are a fan of new releases or old-school classics.

This add-on is also ideal to watch ABC live on Kodi because it fetches content directly form the official websites. With this add-on you will not be left out from getting up-to date ABC shows that are your favorites.

  Avoid some add-ons

Just to point out, ensure you don’t fall into the trap of using the illegal add-ons. This is because these add-ons don’t fetch their data from official websites. Add-on like Gaia, Neptune Rising and many more are risky.


This article has given you the limelight of how to watch ABC on Kodi live. Ensure that you are always up-to-date with the ABC contents even when you are outside the USA. But Kodi has your back.

At times you should understand that Kodi may be tricky when using it if you are a beginner. However, it becomes easier when you follow a few steps that are online and you will enjoy the shows.

The choice of your add-on that you will use to stream ABC solely depends on your


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