How should legal firms prepare for 2022?

COVID-19 breakout has significantly transformed even the most rigid industries. Even the legal sector that has been ditching the adaptation of the digital and the Internet has to plunge into the technical realm. Attorneys, corporate legal divisions, and law firms have no way out but to adapt to remote working.

Having tasted it once, law firms are now showing a keen inclination towards legal management software, mobile applications, automation, and other specific solutions. They are collaborating with competent tech-solution provides like Dazychain Australia to boost their productivity and delegate greater client satisfaction.

While these firms have taken a big step by embracing technology, it is still just the beginning. The coming year, 2022, is going to be crucial in determining which way the tide goes. In the light of such disruptive transformation, the question is how prepared are law firms to survive and thrive through this tide. Here are some pointers that these firms should consider while preparing for the coming year.


  • Firms to go away from paper filing

Law is a paper-intensive industry. From documenting cases to filing papers, it relies heavily on documentation and paper handling. While surviving the pandemic, law firms had to integrate software that allows them to manage documents and file papers online.

Adopting such software was one of the first additions to the tech stack of law firms. It allowed the attorneys to work remotely and yet file and present papers timely. Firms that have taken this initial stride are more likely to be comfortable with more advanced technologies next year.


  • Automate routine legal services

While a considerable operation of law firms is through the lawyers and other employees, several jobs are standardized and repetitive. Legal firms should prepare to acquire or build automation solutions to take on these tasks. It will allow you to deliver better to your clients, tighten risk management, and let your lawyers focus on high-value tasks.


  • Adapt to CRM and liberate attornies from client relationship

Although it comes under automation, building and maintaining customer relationships is pivotal to law firms and needs a separate mention.

Legal companies can acquire software solutions to answer initial inquiries, queries such as case status, and other modeled and mundane tasks. This will liberate the lawyers and they will be able to focus more on other valuable tasks such as preparation for a date, etc.


  • Review your financial model

More efficient operation of a law firm is not only limited to providing quick and quality services but also focuses on cost reduction and better financial management.

Business intelligence and analytics tech solutions will allow the firms to enhance the productivity of every employee and process within the organization. This will remarkably reduce the cost per hour.

Also, automation software to handle billing and accounting will help revive and streamline the financial model.


  • Stack up your legal tech

Legal tech evidently assists law firms to scale up and align their processes and methods with their organizational objectives and clients’ anticipations. However, every law firm, based on its expertise, size, and division is functions in, have different tech requirements.

Companies need to take this time to brainstorm and identify tech that suits their requirements the best. It is time to do their research and stack up their tech to draw its maximum benefits in 2022 and gain a competitive edge.

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