Everything you need to know about Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser designed by Microsoft that is installed directly on Windows computers as the default browser. Microsoft created this internet browser in order to replace its old Internet Explorer browser which was not appreciated by many people. The internet browser therefore has more functionality than the old one, faster and more efficient. Here is some information that will allow you to learn more about Siege of orgrimmar entrance new browser from the giant American firm Microsoft.

The history of Microsoft Edge

As you know, Microsoft Edge succeeded the old browser from Microsoft which was named Internet Explorer. To get them used to Windows computers, there is no need to describe this browser, which most people probably know.

It is installed as the default browser on the Windows computer, but no one is using it. For the most part, it serves as a decoration on the computer desk. There is even a joke among Windows users that states: “Internet Explorer is the best browser to download a better browser”.

In other words, it is to say that Internet Explorer was really not up to the expectations of the users. Indeed, Internet Explorer is an old creation of Microsoft and few users liked it. This is why in 2015, the American firm released Microsoft Edge as its new improved internet browser with several features and very powerful. Fix corrupt microsoft access databases

This time we can say that the American firm has not held back to give the best to its users. The internet browser is efficient and has several features. The Microsoft Edge browser has nothing to envy to popular web browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

In addition, with its latest update which makes it more efficient than ever. It can even compete with Chrome and other top internet browsers.

Some features of Microsoft Edge

The latest update of the application made it more efficient and faster. The software has become a “Shadow Blade 5e” browser. This would mean that the software is able to run more extensions at a time. This feature which was the favorite of Google Chrome today Microsoft Edge users can boast of owning it. The feature takes into account screen readers, productivity tools, in-browser games, and more.

Likewise, it is a surplus on the extensions of the application already present in the Microsoft Store which are available to users.

By signing up for a free Microsoft account you get many benefits such as syncing your bookmarks, passwords, history, and more.

In other words, if you change your computer you will not lose your data. Microsoft Edge restores all your data to your new computer and this is done within a short period of time.

Also, this new version of Edge works faster than previous versions. The American firm can boast of being on the same par with Chrome and Firefox.

Internet Explorer mode for companies is a neat idea from Microsoft. The American firm has not failed to add a feature to its new application that provides access to Internet Explorer.

Indeed, many companies still use software that was designed specifically for Internet Explorer. Reason why Internet Explorer cannot be completely removed. Hence this feature of Edge which allows you to switch to Internet Explorer mode.

A final feature, that of being able to read aloud the content of a website. With this option you can use a minimized browser. You can block on a site, use it as a full-fledged computer program.

Privacy and security with Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge internet browser with these multiple features gives you full control over your data. Indeed, the computer program offers you greater transparency on the devices for tracking or blocking websites.

Its InPrivate mode allows you to preserve your privacy when you are on the internet. In private mode, your browsing history and your searches are not saved, as if you have never done such a search on your computer. The best way to control your data.

Microsoft Edge protects you, you can browse the internet safely. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen automatically protects you on the web against malicious apps and all other forms of spying.

Your account is fully protected when you are on the internet. 24/7 monitoring that automatically alerts you when your logins, passwords or other personal data is compromised. So you can quickly avoid the worst by updating your personal information.

How to download and install Microsoft Edge browser

Downloading and installing this browser is very easy. Just type on a search engine ” download Microsoft Edge ” and you will see that several sites will show up. Sites where you can download the computer program.

For example clubic is a site where you can download. Once downloaded, you start the installation of the computer program.

At the first start, the application will offer to import your information from Chrome. You are free to do or ignore this procedure. Then you configure the basic settings of the application.

Microsoft Edge Reviews

This Internet browser from Microsoft is very fluid and efficient. Nothing envied Chromium-based browsers. Today Microsoft Edge([pii_email_aef67573025b785e8ee2]) competes with the best internet browsers on the web.

Fast and efficient, Edge offers an impeccable browsing experience and very satisfying features. On the security front, the American firm has not hesitated to go all out to protect its users.

You can install your usual extensions through Microsoft Store. A feature that allows you to configure your browser according to your habits.

Finally, we will say that it is a good internet browser. For all those who are looking for a new application for surfing the internet why not try the latest browser from Microsoft?

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