Employee Management Apps For Small Business

As the world is going digital and more and more companies are opting for remote work, the need for could based HR solutions has increased. Companies are looking for employee management software solutions that can help in making their work easy and a lot more convenient. With the right employee management software companies can design to streamline, automate functions like administrative tasks, record keeping, compliance, and help the HR team to find and retain the best talent and optimize a company’s HR processes from a single database. 

If you too are looking for some nice Employee Management apps for small businesses then here’s a list of some of the best ones:


This is one of the best apps that offers workforce management tools at a competitive cost and this is the primary reason why a lot of people consider it as the best one for small businesses. It has a variety of tools and features that simplifies your workforce management.

They offer two plans out of which one is a basic plan that offers time tracking and some productivity tracking. The other higher-tier plan is for all the big companies and offers invoicing, integrations, scheduling and more. From productivity to attendance and payment, one can manage all with the help of this app.


This is an online HR service that is designed to streamline business processes. There are several things that you can use this application for like a reliable set of payroll features, and intuitive and automation functions. This is a cost-effective solution that you can tailor to your needs and requirements. Gusto works perfectly for small businesses companies, it works to streamline the process and make things easier for you. Gusto offers features like payment, calculations and submission of payroll taxes to government agencies. 

Workforce hub

This app is specially tailored for small businesses and is one of the best HR software for small businesses among similar options. The app offers features like workforce management, HRIS, compliance features and insights to support you in managing your team. The app also provides customised to specific industries like hotel, construction and healthcare. 


Another affordable employee management software for small businesses, DeskTime has amazing productivity management features. Some of the features offered include time tracking, website and application monitoring, and idle time tracking. It also contains attendance tools to help you manage scheduling and absences.


Lio is a great app that ticks off all the checklists of s small business owners when looking for employee management apps. Lio works towards making your life a lot more organised and offers several templates that are based on the requirements of the clients. You can manage your attendance, payrolls, onboarding, collaboration, teamwork all through this one app and that too in the most smooth manner. 


Paychex is a comprehensive employee management software that helps you track time, simplify payroll, schedule employees and offer benefits. Not just this the app also takes care of hiring, onboarding, insurance, compliance, and more. Paychex offers you solutions for businesses of all sizes and gives reporting tools for different business purposes. 

ADP WorkForce Now

One of the best software solutions in today’s time, ADP Workforce Now is for people who are looking for the right solutions to manage their human capital management. It works for payroll, HR, benefits, time, labour, talent etc. What makes it ideal for small businesses is that clients can custom-tailor make it as per their needs and requirements and use it for their benefit. This helps in saving money and getting the right kind of support you need without any additional fluff.


Paycor is last on the list that focuses on helping employers to create a positive and healthy work environment. Some of the features offered are talent management, employee experience, benefits administration, and payroll management. With a central dashboard of all the information, you can automate key functions. With this, you and your team can spend more time on strategic HR initiatives to keep employees satisfied.

All these employee management apps for small businesses are pretty amazing and are perfect for budding businesses. They have the right cost and offer the most important and crucial features required by the companies in the initial stages of their business. Try them out and you would see that managing employees has become super easy and absolutely hassle-free.

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