Do’s and Don’ts for Exhibition and Tradeshow Booths

Planning your next tradeshow or exhibition appearance? These business events are vital for new startups and small growing businesses. When done right, your tradeshow booths can pull quick business leads and even turn many into actual sales. So, what is the secret sauce for exhibition and tradeshow booths? How to you get most traction out of them?

There are some simple and very efficient tradeshow booth tactics that can help make the most of these events. You have to base all your efforts around making your booth more interactive for audiences. There will be competition on these events. Make your booths look and feel unique while adding in some attractive features. Here are some things you might want to or don’t want to do:

Do Take the Right Team with You

Taking the right team with you on any tradeshow or exhibition is probably the most important task. Somebody brilliant in the office might not be the perfect guy for public events. Do check your team for roles that you need. Run rehearsals or get ideas from previous tradeshow and exhibition attempts. You should have visitor pullers, tech heads, knowledge team and sales closers in your team that goes. The team plays a huge role. Always check for the best people on your team.

Don’t Neglect Lighting on Tradeshow Booths

Most tradeshows and exhibitions are organized indoors. Organizers provide barely adequate light on most events. You should never make the mistake of neglecting your lighting on any tradeshow booth. Add in your own lighting if needed to make the booth appeal. Dim lit or badly lit booths tend to kill the purpose. And yes, not all too brightly lit booths are right. Lighting has to be decent yet very efficient. It has to light everything up nicely without getting in the eyeline too much.

Do Use Technology Devices on Exhibition Booth

Tech devices play a vital role in grabbing attention and keeping people on your booth. Devices like iPads, laptops and other play a pivotal role. If you don’t afford a plethora of devices on their full prices, invest in technology devices rentals. These services should make tech devices available at affordable prices. Display content and grab attention with iPads, laptops or large iPad screens as much as possible. Cut costs with rentals and also take full benefits of these devices when needed.

Don’t Overcrowd the Space on Your Booth

Having tech devices installed is great. Getting multiple counters or stands on your booth is even better. Offering different sections on your booth plays well too. However, overcrowding your booth with too many gadgets, tech devices and everything else doesn’t work. Your booth should always provide enough space for people to understand everything easily. Be smart and organize your exhibition booth right.

Do Offer Entertainment for Visitors

Have you included some form of entertainment for your visitors? This can pull attention like no other feature. Look into VR Rental options with your local tech rental services. These can change the mood of visitors and present a different perspective. Of course, the main agenda will be towards what you are selling. Use your VR devices with product presentations, if possible, to wow people.

Don’t Hesitate in Experimenting

Tradeshows usually run for several days. 2-5 days tradeshows and exhibitions are commonplace in the business industry. What that allows businesses to do is to experiment a little. If your laptop rental option is not working on the first day, replace it with iPads or tablets. Use large screens on the second day if people are not paying much attention. Be ready to change when needed for best results. However, if it is working, don’t change it. Go with the flow if you are getting visits.

Do Offer Refreshments on Your Tradeshow Booth

Refreshments for visitors don’t cost much. Yet, these are some of the best ideas when it comes to getting your booth talked about. People will be exhausted on tradeshows and public exhibitions. Offer a cup of tea to your visitors, a cold cola or a simple glass of water. This would make more people come to your booth. Once they are there, you can display your products or demonstrations to them. Present your products or services to visitors and have them leave feedback.

Don’t Miss Out on Social Media Advertisement

Have you invested time and some resources in free social media advertisement before the tradeshow? If not, go for it. Do this some weeks before the event takes place. Let people know you will be attending the exhibition. Create that hype and let people know exactly what you will be doing. This will help your tradeshow appearance to get popular with many people talking about it. You will find it to be very important and sufficiently productive if people know about your presence before the event.

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