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Mobile app development is one of the most important new needs for businesses. Nowadays, if you are a business without an app you are at a severe disadvantage. Not only are you less accessible than your rivals, but you are also seen as an outcast in the modern consumer culture. Customers want to browse your product pages while commuting, hanging in the hammock on the patio, or in bed just before they go to sleep. The importance is established, but what about the design, features, and style of app your business needs?

Machine learning

Without a doubt, any modern app that does not have machine learning integrated into its design is de facto not modern. The app should be able to intelligently learn how it is being used, what kinds of customers browse which pages, what types of products are trending, what kind of things do customers like about the products, etc. When you can learn all of this, and react automatically, the hottest products and services are given more promotion.

This is why it’s so important to work with a mobile app development company like Exemplary Marketing that knows how to design machine learning and automation in your app. Artificial intelligence will help you to boost sales, it’s budget-friendly, cost-effective, and takes a lot of weight off your sales team to understand challenges in real-time.


Mobile apps are standard for any savvy business that wants to live in the pockets of its customers. However, cross-platform design integrated into the mobile app is what makes you a part of a customer’s life. They can access their account and your brand on their tablet, phone, desktop, etc. Not to mention, they will not be starved of access due to their choice of the mobile platform. Whether it’s iOS or Android, the app you have made for your business should be accessible without any hindrance. This also raises the need for a full internet of things (IoT) optimized app which can learn from and connect with every platform.

Proper procurement

When choosing a mobile app developer, the business must be confident in the team. Exemplary Marketing selects a proficient, cohesive, talented and friendly team that wants to take on a client’s problems and succeed. Firstly, the client will state what their issue is. This is called a problem statement. Once this is understood, the workflow is then mapped. The team is given roles, responsibilities, a budget and a time schedule. This is the proper way to procure a team, project, client and approach to developing an app the client will be happy with.

Design and build phases

The key to a great design and build is the team exhibits lateral thinking. They have to be willing to brainstorm, take onboard specific needs, and include great features. However, they must also be aware that during the building phase some design features may need to be tweaked, changed, or removed. The key is to keep the eye on the prize, make sure that the design of the app does not become a purely academic exercise; the app needs to be made, tested, and released on time.

Releasing with care

Before the release of the app is done and the app is handed over to the client, a few things need to be done first. The app must be tested. It must not just be tested in the app development team’s scenarios, but also in the market scenario relevant to the client. This means, in-person testing of the client’s customer base. This kind of demographic testing is vital to understand if features of the app have been made to spec and are easy to use.

After testing has been completed, the team will present the final release version of the app to the client. It’s not just a case of ‘it’s finished, here you are, no go away. Your mobile app developer must be informal and personal. They’ll run you through each feature, navigation, themes, spacing, layout, and the entire app; so you feel comfortable. The app can be updated by the team you hire, if this is the long-term relationship you desire.


Now that the app is done, you’ll need help promoting it. We’re proud of our work and we want it to be shone everywhere. We’ll work with you on your marketing campaign to spread the news of your brand new shiny app.

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