Due to an increased internet and mobile phone activity, the best WIFI hacking apps For Android Smartphones has always been in trend.
Today, a lot of Wi-Fi networks surround us all. Then it’s definitely useful to get to them anyway. So why waste money on something we can access every day with Android devices free.
Yes, you heard that right; there are many applications to hack WIFI that will allow you to access the WiFi network free of charge.

Downloading and Surfing with Free WIFI hacking app

As the Internet activity such as Downloading and Surfing increased with durability and without having to pay a single penny for it, everyone wants high speed internet connection.

So who doesn’t want to save a lot of cash and hack WiFi? However, as hacking progresses, the top router manufacturers will also increase their router security protocol, so that simple tools do not make them easy to hack.
But there are many WIFI hacking techniques are available. We can do surfing on phone by WIFI hacking app.

Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android smartphones



Best Android WiFi Hacking-Apps

Aircrack-ng is one of the most reliable, and trusted WI-FI hacking app by many Hackers.
This app is also available for the Ubuntu platform and is commonly used over there.
Since both Android and Ubuntu are based on the LINUX kernel, this app was designed by Android developers and XDA developers’ enthusiasts.
Aircrack-ng is an entire package of tools to assess WiFi network security.And this makes Aircrack-ng one of the best wifi hacking techniques for Android.

It focuses on different areas of WiFi security:
• It helps to monitor the wireless network, so it make easy to hack wireless network Password. Aircrack-ng provides a means to capture network packets and export them in text file formats. Organizations or users could easily check and monitor files.
• Aircrack-ng is permitted for mobile devices operating systems such as Android, Maemo, and Zaurus PDA. It is expected that in the future it will also be open for the iPhone also. So it is best as WIFI hacking app for I-phone.
• The best thing about Aircrack-ng is they replay attacks, de-authentication, false access points, and others via pack injection
• If the objective is to use the Wi-Fi network for additional processes like injections/exploits, this task could also be carried out with the aid of Aircrack – ng. It not only checks Wi-Fi cards but is also able to test several other driver features.
• Wi-Fi authentication attack can also be deployed which mainly targets and exploits communication between the user and a wireless Wi-Fi access point
• The fake access point can be deceived.

2. Kali Linux

best wifi hacking apps for android smartphones


Kali Linux is one of Linux’s most popular Linux Distro for desktop hacking.
It is popular for an android penetration test platform for the first open source.
Kali Linux is required for Kali’s Wi-Fi tool to use Nethunter to carry this process forward.
The simple configuration process of Nethunter will help overcome the configuration file problem.
It needs a custom kernel to support wireless injections of 802.11. So, Kali Linux an application is a must have WIFI hacker application.

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3. WiFi WPS WPA Tester

wifi wps wpa tester best wifi hacking apps


Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester is the first app in the list which is available in a play store and is developed by Saniorgl SRL. Wi-Fi WPS WPA is the top 3 Wi-Fi hacking apps.
It is one of the most popular Wi-Fi hacking apps. The developer wanted to examine the vulnerabilities in the Wi-Fi networks in order to make this application. This makes it the best 3 Wi-Fi hacking apps.

This application tests your connection to the WPS PIN access point using different algorithms such as

• Zhao
• Belkin(root)
• FTE-xxx
• Dlink+1
• TrendNet
• Dlink
• Asus
• AiroconRealtek
• EasyBox Arcadyan
• Arris

4 dSploit


dsploit most popular hacking apps

Features that dSploit Offers is:

• dSploit is best for Wi-Fi Cracking.
• Router PWN
• Able the feature of tracing.
• With Port Scanner is able to scan the ports.
• Inspector
• It has a Vulnerability finder program.
• It can crack Log In.
• With Packet forgery, it can change the data packets in between.
• Man in the middle is a feature that helps to decide the data packets you want to send.
• Able to Steal Victim’s Data from the phone by Simple sniff.
• It is able to view or steal passwords from the victim’s device through Password sniff.
• The owner can have Full control over the victim’s Device with Session Hijacker
• Disable usage of data packets, thereby killing the connection by using Kill connections
• Redirect to any URL of the attacker’s preference.
• Effortless to replace images by pop up images and replace them with the ones being viewed.
• Easy to replace videos by pop up videos and then replace them with the ones being played. This make it one of the top WIFI hacking tool for android.
• Script injector (run random page scripts).
• Custom filter.

5 Nmap

nmap best wif android hacking apps
Nmap is top five WIFI Hacking App.
• Nmap is an operating system network security scanner for different operating systems.
• It is available for Android as well. It’s for the network operation and vulnerability determination by ethical hackers.
• It works on both rooted and non-rooted phones one of the advantages.
Therefore it works for WIFI hacking app for android without root.

• More feature on rooted phones than non-root ones is available. This is an excellent application for your Android device.
• This app helps to find ports and system details in scanning networks and crack WIFI. And this make it best five Hacking App.
There are many features in NMAP that brought it here to this List like the flexibility, Portability and many other factors like it is
• Comprisable is more Powerful.
• Trouble-free to utilize.
• You get all the latest Updates fast free of cost as it is open source
• It supports almost all the devices.
• Variety of options available.

6. Arpspoof



As part of the dsniff package, Arpspoof was written.
This app is an open source application, which is best for WIFI hacking techniques.
Arpspoof app is used to audit the network. A simple mechanism is used for app.
Arpspoof transmits ARP messages spoofed by redirecting packets to a local network. Arpspoof shows the packets sent to the device by the victims, but it does not save them.
With the help of a mechanism known as “Faking ARP replies,” Arpspoof attempts to redirect traffic to the local network and then forward it to a particular victim or hosts. And help to hack WIFI with android.

7 Wi-Fi Inspect:

wifi inspect hacking app

Wi-Fi Inspectis is a multi structural tool designed for professionals of computer security, ethical hackers and other advanced users who want the networks they own to be controlled or controlled. So this app is basically a Wi-Fi safety audit tool and not only the best WIFI hacking application.

It can be used as tool for hacking WIFI password.
To use this application, you definitely need root. Wi – Fi inspection is similar to applications such as Wi – Fi kill and NetCut, but the UI is one of the best in similar applications. You can search how many people connect to the network and check their IP and the devices they use.

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It is possible to block the network and use the app directly. It’s so quick that it is easy to get the full list of users in a few seconds.

The design is so easy and simple and actually makes the app work smoothly. The app is available in many languages.

The app is able to detect any device is connected to provided Network whether it is a TV, laptop, Mobile, PS, XBOX, etc.

It acknowledge user the MAC address and the Manufacturer of the devices connected.
This app supports the oldest of the Android platforms. If it doesn’t work, then make sure to have successfully allowed it the root access.

8 Wi-Fi Kill

Image result for wifi kill pro
The open source application is Wi-Fi Kill. This app is popular WIFI Hacking App because of the simple, user-friendly interface .
• The ethical hacking app can cut off Wi-Fi on anybody’s network.
• This app is very useful if you have an open Wi-Fi or a WPA network without a strong password. This help to hack WIFI easily.
• With just a few clicks, you can disconnect the WiFi from the intruders.
• It is popular, because it’s very easy and simple to use and also because of its clear and interactive interface and simple tools a beginner can find it extremely easy to use.
• You can also view the browsing and downloading of another user in your Wifi network via this application. The amount of data a particular network user accesses, can also be monitored.
• The particular victim’s name can also be found with the same Wi-Fi.
• Due to its simple and efficient UI, this app is very popular WIFI hacking software for android.

9 Arcai.com’s NetCut

NetCut is lunched by arcai has been a very popular app for the windows platform and Android platform.
It can protect your Wi-Fi from other NetCut Software but such features require a paid subscription.
NetCut it support from most basic Android version 2.3.3 Gingerbread to the latest Android versions.
The older versions of NetCut are also available.

NetCut has a defender to save anyone getting spoof. Here are some of the features of NetCut:
Track who your Wi – Fi network uses by using this WIFI hacking techniques.
Block if you see a false activity
You have complete control over blocking anybody in your Wi – Fi.

10 WIBR+

wibr hacking app for android


WIBR+ is created for testing the reliability and security of Wi-Fi networks.
This App utilizes Brute force and Dictionary Based methods for helping and answering questions like “How to Hack WIFI networks”.
Custom dictionary methods can be use to attack and find WIFI passwords.
Every person can choose different options for performing a different dictionary attack, according to your priority and type of network, like numbers, small case or uppercase and special characters.
WIBR+ takes time to break the password, depending on your password strength, thus this is a face down for this app.

11 WPS connect

Image result for wps connect

In terms of Wi – Fi hacking application, WPS connect is best because it gives the users the ease to use this app.
If your Wi – Fi network is to be checked for security, it is a good option and you’re going to want to use it.
This app supports maximum numbers router and increase chances of a Wi – Fi network successfully.
It’s as easy to use this app. Just download the app and crack the networks. And go for WIFI hacking using App.
This app is aimed at those networks that are easily vulnerable with some standard PIN combos.

12 Fing Network Tools
Fing Network Tools Expert in network search and network analysis.
This application requires root android access.

It helps to find out in just a few seconds which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network.

The app is very easy to use, quick and yet accurate.

Fing is a professional network analysis app for all types of hackers and is used by security analysts at any level; therefore it is best hacking app for android.

A simple, smooth and responsive interface can help you evaluate the safety levels for your Internet connection and then detect intruders or attackers.

 13 WIFI Analyzer

WIFI Analyzer enables to analyze different kinds of WIFI networks available in your area and make it an app to hack android WIFI.
It makes graphs and data based on internet speed and data reliability.
WIFI Analyzer help to find a less crowded network with more data speed Spend less time cracking the best-suited network.


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