11 Best PS1 Games to Play in 2020 (Updated List)

PlayStation (PS1) was first introduced in Japan in 1994 and the game got its popularity in the next year worldwide. There are many best ps1 games in the market these days. Though the first version of it was played in CD-ROMs it has been a beginning for the console games. PS1 games are of different genres liked by users across the world. Some of the Top ps1 games include novel-length, RPGs fast and furious races, a puzzle game and so on.

List about some of the Best ps1 Games of all Time:

1. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

The Castlevania series is one of the best ps1 games of all time that was launched in the market within some years of the introduction of Symphony of the Night. It was the establishment’s vital turning point, as the game drastically extended the series platforming with RPG loot, movement, and non-linear exploration, and later called as “Metroidvania” genre. The ensemble of the Night, notwithstanding, spins around Alucard, the languidly named child of Dracula. To shield mankind from his dad, Alucard decides to kill the palace’s enormous occupants.

Orchestra of the Night is the best 2 player ps1 games for intense decisions like concealing the greater part of the game behind a bogus consummation. This is one of the best 2d ps1 games utilized the CD organization to make a monstrous game loaded up with rich, 2D sprites, dismissing the unrefined, mid 3D the remainder of the business sought after at that point, being the best games for PS1.

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2. Metal Gear Solid

Between Thief: The Dark Project on PC and Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation, 1998 was the year that cutting edge stealth computer games were launched, which is the best ps1 game.

A spin-off of two lesser-known games from maker Hideo Kojima, you play as special forces trooper Solid Snake who invades the safe house of a maverick unit compromising the United States with an atomic strike. Thus, you can choose this game in your playlist as it is the best ps1 games of all time
The snake has different for evading and taking out guards, making it one of the most rigid and strategic gaming encounters accessible at that point.

The series being PS1 best games has since produced four all the more widely praised principle passages and different side projects, profoundly developing the two its profound interactivity and Kojima’s florid, atomic folklore. Be that as it may, the primary Metal Gear Solid stays an unassailable classic which tops in all PS1 games list.

best ps1 games of all time

3. Twisted Metal 2

Prior to driving the team behind God of War, originator David Jaffe rose to PS1 best games for his work on the PS1 vehicular battle arrangement, Twisted Metal.

This game is one of the best ps1 racing games in which players take the wheel of different super equipped and heavily clad vehicles in a destruction derby taken to a dystopian extraordinary.

In these best ps1 sports games, the autos and drivers — like the series famous frozen yogurt truck, Sweet Tooth, and Axel, a muscle-bound man straddling two truck tires — overflow character even in the early polygonal days of 3D. Shot weapons and catalysts scatter throughout arenas set in the remnants of significant urban areas around the globe.

This is one of the bestselling ps1 games that included just a solitary player battle and center mode. The continuation extended every little thing about it, tossing in more vehicles, more fields, and progressively custom and multiplayer modes for simply dropping in and getting a charge out of the commotion individually.

A legally binding question among Sony and designer SingleTrac prompted other, less proficient studios building up the resulting continuations, making TM2 the pinnacle of Twisted Metal for most fans which is one of the best games on PS1.

best ps1 games of all time

4. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

This is an action-centered side project and one of the best ps1 RPG games. RPG series Legacy of Kain, Soul Reaver is a third-person action game from Crystal Dynamics who proceeded to gain approval with its reboot of Tomb Raider. You play as the spooky vampire Raziel in the dismal dull dreamland of Nosgoth.

In its prime, players cherished the game’s dim, convincing account, voice acting, and shifted mechanics. One of its primary arrogances is the capacity to swap between the physical and otherworldly domain whenever. Gem Dynamics couldn’t just layer two distinct renditions of the world on each other due to the console’s limitations; in this way accomplishing the impact was no small technical feat.

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5. Tenchu: The Stealth Assassins

This is a PS1 game best Ninjas turned into the popular figures at the beginning of computer games. In franchises like Ninja Gaiden, in any case, they’re converted into agile, hack-and-cut warriors.

Tenchu: The Stealth Assassins breaks that form. It’s one of the principal games to genuinely hold onto the ninja as a stealthy infiltrator. Rather than depending exclusively on weapons and reflexes, he should depend on his tools and brains to endure. This is also one of the best ps1 fighting games.
Created by Japanese studio Acquire, Tenchu is the medieval Japanese corresponding to Metal Gear Solid’s atomic acting. Bombing a strategic you to lose whatever devices you’re conveying, compelling you to be cautious and purposeful when moving toward every crucial.

Fantastical components from Japanese folklore give fun flavor and made it one among the good ps1 games, however in now is the ideal time, Tenchu was the best time due to how human and helpless you felt, making achievement all the better.

best ps1 games of all time

6. Syphon Filter

Although somewhat overshadowed by Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter is another exceptional 3D, third-person action-stealth game for the PS1 that scores the best in all ps1 games list.

Newbie developer Eidetic took equal inspiration from Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64, hoping to create a “super-spy” hybrid genre with stealth, action, and puzzles. The game received high praise during its peak but its legacy has not endured as strongly.

Syphon Filter tells a gritty, contemporary, world-spanning story about special operatives facing off against biological terrorists. The story of this one of the best PlayStation 1 games encompasses governments, multinational pharmaceutical companies, and conspiracies that extend to the top. It’s a pulpy and immersive plot, enhanced greatly by gameplay that’s a compelling balance of stealth and straight-up action.

During the game’s prime, critics cued into its stellar A.I., a key requirement for good stealth games, which was among the most impressive in any game to date.

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7. Einhander

This is one of the top ps1 games at the time for its roleplaying games, Japanese developer Square was no one-trick pony. Einhänder is a good example: A fantastic side-scrolling shoot-’em-up in the tradition of Gradius, though not quite as extreme as the “bullet hell” sub-genre that came after it.

Set in the future during a war between Earth and the Moon, you pilot a spacecraft through horizontal, 2.5D levels, destroying enemies and collecting power-ups. The name, a German word for a one-handed sword, alludes to the core mechanic of your ship’s sole grappling arm, which picks up weapons scavenged from destroyed enemies. Weapons mostly have finite ammo, forcing you to keep finding new ones and adapting their playstyle to what’s available.

Apart from the generally slick presentation, players of the 90s loved the tactical variety enabled by the system of picking up new weapons, as well as the way bosses have discrete parts you can target and disable. Although well outside of Square’s wheelhouse, many consider Einhander to be top-rated PS1 games, and Square’s finest non-RPG work to date.

8. Ace Combat 2

The original Ace Combat (released as Air Combat) flew as one of the top PS1 games released on the PS1, and it shows. Namco’s sequel, Ace Combat 2, is an improvement in basically every way.

Ace Combat 2 is an arcade-style combat flight simulator, meaning its overall design favors gameplay over the simulation. It offers semi-realistic physics and the ability to carry far more missiles than the payload of an actual jet, though difficulty settings allow more hard-core players to fly with greater realism and therefore it is one of the best PlayStation 1 games.

Gameplay divides into relatively linear, objective-based missions. You can upgrade jets using resources that unlock based on how successful you were at destroying all targets.

Ace Combat 2

9. Mega Man Legends 2

Despite the fact that the PS1 facilitated probably the top PS1 games 2D Mega Man games, it was also the elite home to bizarre passages like Mega Man Legends.

With just the primary character in common, Legends is set in an archipelago. The Caskett group of treasure hunters goes close by as he travels over the land and scours ruins for old hardware looking for the incredible Mother Lode. Thus it is one of the most popular ps1 games.

Also refining the run and weapon mechanics, the subsequent game shows a lot more extravagant and more character-driven account than the structure run of the mill deep arrangement of “chase the managers to get their forces.” The voice-acted cut scenes are especially engaging, feeling particularly like viewing an anime in this best PS1 game. It highlights vital characters like your foe, the privateer Tron Bonne, who has a performance turn off game discharged between two Legends sections.

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10. Tomb Raider 2

The first Tomb Raider basically established the class of the 3D activity/experience game and is one of the classic PS1 games. However, the continuation truly made Lara sing. An extreme take off from the cutesy, animation mascots of the past comfort age, universal treasure hunter Lara Croft was promptly held onto as one of gaming’s most notorious characters, proclaiming the medium’s development.

This continuation incredibly develops the primary game’s blend of investigation, showing, battle, and puzzle-tackling. Here you’ll find refined controls, greater conditions, and all the more energizing set-pieces.

Tomb Raider 2

11. Bushido Blade

Feudal Japanese weapon-centered 3D battling game Bushido Blade is the most notable game from Japanese studio Light Weight, it’s still to some degree peculiar inside the class.

Being one of the best PS1 multiplayer games, character blows either cripple specific body parts or through and through murder. This gives the game an uncommon level of authenticity and a substantially more strategic and punctuated beat. There are eight practically recreated weapons and six characters with various details, capacities, and proficiencies with every weapon. There’s additionally a position based battling system, giving players different on-going interaction alternatives.

In contrast to the discrete degrees of regular warriors, the game’s fields are all between associated. This permits players to run and move between them, utilizing the earth furthering their potential benefit.
Bushido Blade is one of the top PS1 games that have one direct continuation and another comparative title on PS2; however those smooth out a portion of its idiosyncrasies a lot for our taste. Other battling games like the Soulcalibur series and all the more as of late For Honor have investigated weapons-centered “dueling,” however nothing has very recreated what made the first Bushido Blade special.

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When you seek for some of the best ps1 multiplayer games, you can play the multi disc PS1 game on retropie by making an .m3u file with the help of notepad++ which gets connected to the .cue files of the multidisc game.

If you are in search of PS1 games list, here are some of the old PlayStation games as below:

  • Metal Gear Solid
  • One
  • PaRappa the Rapper
  • Street fighter alpha 3
  • Vagrant story
  • Silent hill
  • Resident Evil 2
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