Best Apps for Addiction Recovery and Mental Health

No matter what addiction you’re recovering from, there’s an app for that. With the help of these best apps for addiction recovery and mental health, it’s possible to get back on your feet and live a great life. If you don’t fancy applications, please book your space in Addiction Treatment Centers near you.

The truth is addiction can be many things, for example, video games. The internet has made it easier and possible to recover by:

  • Using habit tracking apps
  • Access to online doctors
  • Meditation apps to help with your mental health

The following is a list of some of the top choices apps in this space:

Pear reSET

This app is designed to help people quit their addiction with a personalized, holistic approach. The app allows the user to find natural ways to manage cravings and stay on track by:

  • Providing access to coaches
  • Offering an advice library full of articles about healthy living techniques.
  • Offers mindfulness exercises for stress relief or anxiety management under challenging moments

Sober grid

Sober grid is a curated list of activities to keep you occupied while remaining abstinent. You can subscribe for free, and it will provide new ideas every day about what you could do instead of drinking or doing drugs.

Nomo-sobriety clocks

Offers a step by step guide to help you stay sober, with promises of cash prizes for your progress and a community of people who are abstaining from alcohol and drugs.

Sober toolkit

This app is designed to keep you accountable and includes an “abstinence meter” that tracks your progress. You can also take a quiz to identify the root of your addiction to find out how best to handle it.

The sober toolkit also offers a calendar to help you plan your week, including different recovery tools like meditations and gratitude exercises.

We Connect

This app has a comprehensive treatment plan that you can follow for the duration of your recovery. For example, there are videos to help with mindfulness and ways to alleviate stress or anxiety.

The Truth About Recovery

Offers daily support from coaches who specialize in addiction and mental health disorders. This includes:

  • Daily emails filled with self-help techniques
  • Advice from professionals
  • Online forums for further discussions

Stages of Change

This app helps you understand the different stages of any addiction recovery or mental health disorder. For example, some people may go through a “pre-contemplation” phase where they are not ready to change their behavior but need time and encouragement before proceeding to other phases.

Stages of Change also has a section for family members that offers advice.

Facing Addiction

This app provides an interactive video to help you understand the addiction process and how it can affect your life and skills-based videos where professional therapists will teach different techniques.

Alcoholics Anonymous mobile app

This is an AA meeting at your fingertips. You can find a 12-Step Meeting, read up on the steps or chat with other members in low moments through this app.

My CBT apps

My CBT apps help the user cope better with their addiction by teaching them how thoughts and behaviors are connected to change those that lead to relapse.

Mind gym

This app has several activities in order to help you manage your addiction, such as:

  • An exercise for practicing mindfulness
  • A practice that aims to teach us how we can use our thoughts and beliefs more effectively

12 Step Apps

This is a step by step guide to make it easier for you to maintain your sobriety. This app offers support in the following areas:

  • 12 Step Meetings
  • Sober Monitoring and Tracking
  • Recovery Tools for Those in Recovery from Alcohol Addiction or Drug Abuse

The following are some apps that promote mental health:


This application has brain games to help promote mental health, such as memorization and cognitive exercises.


This is an application that offers guided meditation to help you manage stress.

It’s Okay!

This is a self-help application that provides tools for managing anxiety and stress. It teaches the importance of taking care of oneself, including relaxation techniques, deep breathing exercises and guided meditations.

Awareness Training App

This application was specifically created for people who struggle with addiction as well as mental health disorders. It teaches coping skills and provides a support system for people in the same situation. The Awareness Training App is an app designed to help you get through challenging moments that may lead you back into drinking or doing drugs.


Calm is the most popular free meditation app in the world, with more than 40 million users all around the globe.

Anxiety Coach

This app is designed to help people with panic disorder or general anxiety. It offers an easy, simple way of coping by:

  • Helping you learn how to control your breathing
  • Teaching you healthy habits and skills that you can use in case of future episodes
  • Providing relaxation techniques such as meditation and deep breathing exercises for calming down

In conclusion, there are many options for addiction recovery and mental health. If you are struggling with these issues, don’t hesitate to contact a professional to discuss your needs.

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