All You Need To Know About Inflatable Tube in Thailand

If you are looking for an inflatable tube for yoir shop decoration or an event decoration in Thailand, this article is just for you. The inflatable tube has been widely used in Thialand, mainly for outdoor shop decoration. An inflatable tube is toroid in shape and used as a floating object to lounge on as well as a water toy. Thai people call it as tor-pa-pao-lom or you can use this term ท่อผ้าเป่าลม to brown more on internet. However, you can save a lot of time by learning about an inflatable tube from this article.

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Tubes are low-pressure high-volume products that do not require high pressure. A fully inflated tube is around 12- volt pump, 2 PSI. A combination of a hand pump and 12 volts can inflate most towable tubes using one good electric pump. The hand pump will be used to top off the tube as the inflator will do most of the hard work, to maintain proper inflation levels.

Under inflation

This will result in the tow tube sitting low in the water. This will cause the tube to be dragged through the water instead of being pulled across it causing additional stress on the cover, rope, tube, and boat. The tube might rupture as the stress causes the air in tubes to be displaced. For ropes to stretch and nylon covers to tear, the same stress has been applied.


Filling the tube up and going is not enough. The tube will expand if left sitting in the sun for any length of time. Letting some air out or storing it in the shade is ideal. Never let it set on the boat, beach, or dock full of air. However, if it is stored in a cool area, out of the sun, or put into the cool water, add some air before using because cold contracts while heat expands. Each time you use your tube, it’s important to check and adjust inflation levels. Your tube will last longer and you’ll enjoy using it. After staying on the water for long, check the tube pressure and if it has gone a bit soft, top it off with a hand pump. Also, release some air first before placing it in the shade. Having a life jacket on at all times is important when having fun on the water.


The right amount of air

When the tube is very firm, it’s full. The tube should only sink for a couple of inches when an adult stands on it. The choice of inflators is very important, therefore, the tube’s PVC must stretch to achieve this level of inflation. This works simultaneously as there should be enough pressure to stretch the PVC and also pump a high volume of air. When the towables have been fully inflated there will be little to no wrinkles present on the cover. A wrinkle-free and firm tube will enable you to ride high and enjoy every moment.

Constantly check your tube pressure at intervals and fill it up when need be. For ultimate performance and long product life, towable tubes need to be properly maintained and full of air. The proper equipment to inflate tubes is also needed to maintain them.


The valve in most towables uses a simple one-way valve to keep air from escaping, hence it is about the size of a nickel. To inflate, simply insert the nozzle of the inflator into the valve’s opening.

A variety of inflatable water boats and toys come in different shapes like flying manta rays, banana boats, custom towable tubes, swimming tubes, floating loungers, and flying fish boats. Most air pumps are designed to inflate all-tube boats, sizes, islands, and airbeds. A double-action air pump causes faster inflation as it provides a continuous stream of air on the up and downstroke. It’s made of non-corrosive, lightweight plastic that can fit any valve as it has four inflation adapters. It can be kept in any kind of indoor racking. Knowing this, it’s time to head out and have fun as you enjoy your inflatable tube.


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