7 tips to make more money through your blog

Blogging is in vogue this decade due to the facts and considerable earnings. According to the innovative content management system such as WordPress,

 the creation of the blog is no longer difficult. However, most bloggers use WordPress and BlogSpot to operate their website and publish the articles.

Blogging is an amazing field because you don’t need much investment and even effort. You can work from home, 

while you can also do blogging as part-time work, but most people work as a full-time occupation. The only skills you need to handle your blog as a one-man army are writing and marketing.

If you are professional in writing and SEO, then blogging is very well suited to generating revenue. 

Search engine optimization is important because creating the blog and writing the articles is not enough to make money from it.

In this article, you can discuss the following points you need to apply to your blog to generate revenue:

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Tips to make money with your blog

  1. Monetize Your Blog

The biggest source of income for a blogger is the monetization of his blogs with other platforms. This is a must because you do not have to make an effort, 

but only show a few ads on your blog and as soon as a user makes an impression or clicks on the ad, you get your commission.

Google AdSense is a pioneer in displaying the ads on your site and make your blog as a merit for you. 

You just need to register for the Google AdSense and add the script to your WordPress site, which is obtained by the Google AdSense.

 Once you insert, Google would take several days to verify your site and if you are approved, your site will begin to display the ads.

Your earnings depend on the CPC, which means cost per click. CPC is an advertiser term, which is the amount you receive if you successfully click on your visitor’s ads.

There are numerous alternatives to Google AdSense including Ads. fly and media.net

  1. Sell Ad Space on Your Website

If you are not approved by Google AdSense, you can use the WordPress plugin to sell the ad space directly from your site. 

Moreover, this will generate more revenue, since there is no agent between publisher and advertiser.

You can sell the ad space between your articles as a pop-up, discussion in the blog post, in the slider, via the widgets, sidebars, or in the headers.

 Keep in mind that blogs usually have different prices for displaying advertising in different parts of the site.

  1. Offer guest posts

You can use your site to provide paid guests with posts that they can earn through the authors who are willing to publish their articles on your site. 

Guest posts are the content that is displayed on your blog but written by another author or author. 

The author who is displayed or submitted pays you for publishing their articles.

You can offer contributions directly to guests by contacting popular authors or using any guestbook marketplace such as BuySellGuestPost.com, fiverr.com.

  1. Write more content

More content means more traffic through an ever-higher ranking. You should publish blog posts consistently because the search engine ranks the site at a high rate of activity.

 If you don’t have content to post on your website, you can hire the freelance writers who is suitable for your blog.

However, if you think you can’t afford a writer, then you can use the article spinner that are available online for free. 

Through this tool, you can easily use the technology to generate a new copy of the already published articles. 

If you simply copy your article and publish it on the WordPress site, then it would cause problems such as punishment by the search engine for stealing the content. 

In this regard, you should use the article rewriter to remove the plagiarism and create a new copy that you can use.

  1. Earn through reviewing and affiliate marketing

Nowadays, advertising technology has changed from traditional marketing to digital marketing. One of the marketing tactics in digital marketing is verification by blogging.

 Whether it is clothing, gadget, or an electronic product, the brand sponsors the product to the blogger to give an honest assessment.

If you have a lot of followers, then you might get paid together with the sponsor of the product. By rating the blog, the brand gets the follower’s attention to its product.

 The trend of marketing through blogging is increasing because more and more people read the blog while marketing is affordable.

Many of the bloggers usually have the practice of affiliate marketing, which is very profitable if you do it the right way.

 In affiliate marketing, you just have to publish the products of another website through listing or discussion on your blog.

 As soon as someone buys the product through your blog, the seller receives a commission that has been decided.

Many of the most popular brands around the world offer affiliate marketing to bloggers and influencers.

  1. Set the Membership Area for your website

Blogging can also be used to sell the memberships of your website. If you offer high quality and essential material such as various books for tutorials through your blogging,

 you can set the rule of membership. If the content of your blog is worthy, then you can easily get a lot of paid membership from those who want to read your articles.

There are many newspaper companies that offer memberships to read columns. 

Numerous WordPress plugins are used to generate the member page along with the payment portal to automate the process.

If the content and graphics on your website are appropriate, you can also share the rights of use by purchasing a membership.

  1. Sell Digital Products

A good writer can sell his articles and publish his books, which are easily sold through his blog. If your writing is most popular with readers, then you can write your own book, 

which can be sold online. You don’t have to make physical copies of it but can use your blog to sell the eBooks online to your members. 


Not only the eBook, but you can also sell the online courses and tutorials that are helpful to the students.


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