7 Must-Have Things for Your Emergency Wedding Kit

A wedding day is indeed lots of excitement and tensions mixed together Emergency Wedding Kit. But in all that, you must not forget how important it is to take care of yourself and your look on that special day. There can be a wardrobe malfunction (most likely to happen but most unwanted, of course), a spill, headaches, foot pains, and so much more that you would definitely expect at a wedding.

No one wants such things to happen, especially at one’s own wedding, but you must be ready if anything does happen. For that, the most palpable thing to do is to keep an emergency wedding kit ready the whole time, or you can simply make any of your bridesmaids responsible for this task. But when it comes to preparing an Emergency Wedding Kit, there are some things you must take care of yourself and include.

1. Pain Killers & Refreshment

Well, it’s not something to be surprised about. All the preparations, managing everything, from how to rent wedding décor and adorn everything, to a certain planning pressure, anxiety and anticipation – all of this can surely give a headache at any point. Now, you would definitely not want to feel numb or in pain at your own wedding, thus keeping pain killers for yourself can save you from disasters for sure. Furthermore, keep a bottle of water with a few lemon drops to keep you refreshed and energized!

 Emergency Wedding Kit

2. Double-Sided Fashion Tape

This tape has been a life-saver for numerous people! Whether it is a wedding or just an occasional event, having a fashion tape by your side is always a must as it helps you stay sorted throughout the event Emergency Wedding Kit.

 Emergency Wedding Kit

Especially when it’s your big day, you must not let any wardrobe malfunction steal your glamour. So, have this tape in your wedding kit to keep your enchanting wedding dress set and camera ready all the time. Even if a strap comes out or your dress feels loose, you can always use this tape to make it all right Emergency Wedding Kit.

3. Cleaning Wipes

Weddings are undoubtedly mesmerizing and gorgeous, but at the same time, it is all about celebrating and, thus, can be messy too. Wine can spill on just about anything, even on the wedding décor rentals, or someone’s cake plate can fall and break. Don’t worry as of course, you don’t have to clean all the mess at your wedding, but if there is an unfortunate accident of this kind, it is always handy to have one in your Emergency Wedding Kit.

Emergency Wedding Kit

What if the wine spills upon your gorgeous white dress? Or the cake fell on your pretty shoes? Well, in such situations, some perfect spill-cleaning quality wipes can be your saviour. Instead of going inside and washing your shoes or the dress and making them all wet, you can just simply wipe it all off!

4. A Sewing Kit

Your dress can rip up by someone accidentally stepping upon it, or maybe, your veil just got stuck on some of the beautiful wedding décor rentals and got torn! These cases are no wonder because, at a wedding, anything can happen anytime. All you can do is be ready for it. To deal with this, your emergency wedding kit must have sewing essentials including thread, needles, safety pins, etc.

5. An Easy-to-Carry Ironing Device

You might have seen the portable ironing steamers that have been in the market for a few years now. Well, those steamers are life savers when it comes to keeping your dress all set every time. Whether you just stood up after sitting for a long time or your dress somehow got all crumpled from the back, you can just use this portable ironing tool right away and make yourself look flawless again. After all, it’s your Emergency Wedding Kit, you surely deserve to look perfect all the way to the end!

6. Extra Earrings or Jewelry

Keeping some extra earrings in your wedding kit is not a necessity, but what if your one earring drops somewhere, gets broken, or starts to pain? In any scenario, having something at the backhand is totally worth it so that you won’t have to run away from the camera hiding on your special day.

7. Makeup Setting Papers & Extra Makeup

Even if you are not a makeup fan, you must have lipstick and blotching papers in your Emergency Wedding Kit. No matter how much you try to keep your makeup upright, at the end of the day, you’ll have to do something about the blotches and lipstick lost over the drinks and the cake.

At that moment, having the perfect shade of your lipstick and blotching papers to keep your makeup fresh would be all you need! That means you would not have to stay back at your own celebration, missing out on the fun just because you can’t ruin your look.

Final Words

This wedding kit is certainly the best backup you can have on this day to fight any problem that comes your way! So no matter how occupied you are in your wedding preparations and tasks, just don’t forget to prepare this kit for your big glamorous day!

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