6 types of SMS to increase your marketing

Phones are present at hand in the direction of 14 hours a day, and 95% of text messages are read in the direction of 3 minutes. Now all areas must take advantage of this channel. SMS is the way to direct communication with customers. It does not remain closed as long as the content is precious to the user. As a matter of course (and compliance), people must have the option to opt-out of our campaign. Communicating weighty notices to the main targets increases the degree of recall in line with other main marketing performance metrics.

Proper wording and design are considered essential for a savvy campaign. Stitched 160 characters have all chances to connect in a brief reference, leading users to where we expect them: a motivated page, blog, online store, order form, and almost everything else. Registering all of the notification chains, we get an illusion of all kinds of textual notifications in the form of dialogs with various contacts. And with access to our CRM platform, these interactions are made even more responsive. Digital offerings providers offer all sorts of SMS marketing looks according to the business model, domain, and goals pursued. Let’s take a closer look at the main ones.


Broadcast messages combine for themselves the immediacy and effectiveness of a targeted dialogue once for all. This channel refers to the quantifiable types of SMS services that allow you to embrace giant groups to convey an actual message. Here are several techniques to use broadcast SMS messaging to accelerate the stream of interaction in all sorts of areas.

  • Medical workers are facing fresh communication needs caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Working around the clock, they are still plagued by logistical delays or inclement weather changing their schedules. Hand-calling keeps them busy. Instead, they have every chance to take advantage of the superiority of SMS types that are very time-sensitive and reactive: proof and cancellation of appointments, reminders, patient referrals, follow-up, last-minute inventions. The global SMS service can tangle with thousands of patients in the direction of a few seconds, segmented by provider, schedule, time spectrum, or type of destination.
  • When staffing, the sharp and direct broadcasting of messages increases the frequency of feedback and can help find the best applicants and interest them in the job. Saving visual interactions with messages in CRM leads to a more personalized experience for the candidate. Later, we store applicant information in our database to keep them engaged. Similarly, educational institutions have a good chance of sending weighty information to their students and employees through this channel.
  • Broadcast messaging is not commerce, but the provision of relevant content. Announce something new going down the assembly line, giving the reader insight into the text of the heads-up. The two-way nature of SMS can deliver the right recommendations, references, and feedback from readers. We can invite adherents to an event. Broadcast messages have the ability to initiate exposure. Encouraging potential customers to attend an event, vote, donate to a cause, or make a phone call requires a personal touch. Great to send congratulations to the buyer on his birthday or a special date.

Handing out gifts

To send proposals to qualified people who are likely to give consent, we must provide something pretty nice, so that interest them in our word and save their loyalty. What kind of products you offer depends on your business. Here’s how giveaways have all the chances to affect the number of SMS subscribers.

  • A real-time discount in exchange for joining a list of notifications.
  • A unique club membership for loyal customers with prizes for future purchases, early access to fresh products, and sharing secrets.
  • Borrowing momentum from the joint mess – tying it to an event on the agenda: sports rivalry, public holiday, etc. Birthday greetings with a personalized gift.
  • Competitions are quite effective for gathering subscribers. People have every chance to set them up by sending a shortcode. In a raffle, any subscriber gets a virtual ticket in the raffle. It still has the chance to be a prize draw for people who give out not bad texts about your firm.
  • An invitation to take part in quizzes and sample surveys, especially in case you then thankfully mention these people in public networks.

One-time password

One-Time Password (OTP) is the original code generated by the SMS software. It remains valid for a fixed period and is invalidated after the recipient logs in, which is all the greater for defense against spyware. OTP comes autonomously from the inclusion of the Online or the extraneous application. For such non-dangerous authentication, the test contains the decisive sense. For the test of the sustained sending of notifications, BSG world uses dynamic instruments. Delivery time, destination accuracy, delays are visible in the SMS test report, as well as the correctness of the sender name.

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Shoppers, especially in non-luxury sections, love to receive and apply mobile coupons. SMS-enabled coupon promotion is an uncomplicated, cheap, and environmentally friendly way to offer sales and deals. Send a coupon with the support of the BSG SMS messaging platform, adapted for your business, to a large number of members at the same time. Paperless coupons save time, press, and advertising costs. The uncomplicated, unforgettable main catalyst text included will increase the client base. The redemption code can be placed in a multimedia coupon in the form of a simple word or the form of a shortened URL.

Motivated text messages

Creating unsegmented lists makes no sense now. For starters, ads can be delivered only to people who have given their unanimous consent to do so. For all types of mobile SMS messages, the crucial point is the appeal to the desired audience. Next, the sending must be alternating, but not so infrequent as to be unnerving. We can qualify the best fraction of the day and days of the week to exchange messages. Targeting is as accurate as the data collected. Segment contacts according to aspects such as:

  • Gender and age;
  • Socio-economic background;
  • Geography;
  • Interests and values (cars, movies, music, sports, well-being and splendor, pet sales, etc.);
  • Users’ scripts (Internet, implementation of roaming, who has taken action on the link, etc.)
  • Phone model and OS;
  • Geo-targeted messages based on the customer’s real-time location.

When crafting your message, get into your own audience’s point of view.

What are they expecting? What unique value can you offer them?

Humanize the slogan and adapt it to your context

You have to distinguish between transactional and marketing SMS messages before you start thinking about implementing SMS marketing, due to the fact their goals are different. Marketing texts are a general distribution of 1 message immediately to almost all recipients, while transactional words are customized and usually sent 1 at a time.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is used to transmit information critically needed for the customers to use a product or offer. In advance, a particular message is triggered by a certain action of the user. To send transactional SMS messages, companies must apply a website for global SMS messages or integrate the functionality of SMS into their tools in place with the support of an API key. These messages fall under soft criteria because they are considered the most informative and important, from registration to delivery. We convey meaningful non-promotional details, these as:

  • Welcomes;
  • Proof of order;
  • Shipment updates;
  • Two-factor authentication;
  • Appointment reminders and confirmations;
  • Payment reminders and confirmations;
  • Reservation reminders.


As the name suggests, marketing SMS messages are the original word sent by the business to its customers and prospective customers to promote its product, attract attention, and direct role. They have no chance to be sent without the user’s permission.

In the end, SMS cannot replace other advertising efforts, these as offline, social networking, SEO, and email. The best practical outcome is achieved by companies that integrate SMS into their joint advertising strategy. You can see this for yourself every time. Simply sign up for our charity trial and start applying this powerful advertising tool you’ve been missing.


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