11 Experts Tips to Avoid Common Beginner Live Streaming Mistakes

The organization of virtual or live streaming events has grown in importance in recent years, whether for concerts, plays, or conferences. Thanks to advancements in technology, live streaming of an event or show has become increasingly simple but still requires careful preparation. 

Here are the 11 tips to avoid common mistakes when preparing for a first virtual event and the solutions to anticipate them.

1. Create a Good Script

The secret to having a successful live broadcast starts from the organization, you must have a script of activities so that your live show looks orderly and generates greater product confidence.

The next advantage of organizing a list is that you can analyze that the preferences and tastes of your target audience are covered by the activities proposed.

2.It’s all a Matter of Practicing

In other words, the only way to make live streaming videos is to become familiar with being in front of a camera and learning and improving. Surely your first video will not be the best in the world but as you have already created some stories you will improve in every way.

You can start doing it in front of a mirror and then record and playback because this can help you detect possible faults and correct them.

With enough practice, you will start to feel more and more comfortable and you will be able to speak to the camera as if you were not there.

3. Choose the Most Efficient Channels

There is no point in wanting to be everywhere. Better to choose one or two channels where you are sure to reach your audience. In addition, some platforms are specialized in areas or formats. Twitch specializes in games. YouTube and Facebook are mostly mainstream. On YouTube you can also use an encoder, it’s a live streaming software that helps to manage multiple cameras. Zoom is suitable for professional events. Instagram works well for 1v1 chats. And all of them have different ways of engaging audiences. It’s up to you to find the balance between your needs and the expectations of your audience.

11 Experts Tips to Avoid Common Beginner Live Streaming Mistakes

4. Invest in Technology

Your recording should not contain minutes with the image shaky. At the most basic level, and among the equipment to improve the quality of your live videos can be:

  • A decent microphone.
  • A sturdy tripod.

The quality of your audio is also extremely important for live video streaming. So, think about buying a good microphone from the beginning. A tripod is also essential so that your videos keep the image still and do not move around all over the place.

Another option to stabilize your videos  videos is to stream from your computer. However, this may not work for everyone, especially when recording from different locations.

5. Take Care of the Lighting and Atmosphere

 Lighting is another crucial factor in the quality of your live videos. Try trying a few different lighting techniques to see which one works best for you. Most of the time, natural sunlight from a reasonably sized window can do the trick. If you’re shooting outside, lighting shouldn’t be a big problem.

Also, take some time to study what viewers will see in the background of your videos. The more visually appealing your background is, the better.

6. Interact with your Audience

One of the best things about live video streaming is that it allows you to have personalized interactions with your viewers.  It is a great way to get people interested in your business.

A great way to engage with a live audience is through an AMA (Ask Me Anything). From time to time, do a live broadcast in which you answer questions from your viewers to make everything more enjoyable.

Here are some tips for engaging with your audience:

  • You could give some details of your personal life.
  • Offer something of value. If you are a chef, for example, you can cook a recipe live and respond to their comments.
  • Propose a game or share a poll with your viewers.
  • Respond in an entertaining way to people’s comments.
  • Master the art of storytelling.


7. Duration of the Video

Ideally, your broadcasts should last 20 minutes.  Not only will this allow more people to participate, but it will also allow you to interact effectively with your viewers.

8. Promote Before your Broadcast

While most content posted is accompanied by constant promotion, it’s important to remember that live video is more of an event than a blog post.

In other words, you must generate interest before the experience. If you want to get an important audience. The good news is that Facebook allows you to target certain events and groups with your promotions. It is perfect for a more focused ad campaign.

You’ll also want to send the next ad to your Facebook account as often as possible to get started. It means sharing daily updates on your broadcast.

Don’t just repeatedly tell your audience what you’re going to broadcast. Every time you remind your audience, share something new of value.

11 Experts Tips to Avoid Common Beginner Live Streaming Mistakes

9. Beware of Video Lag

Something that is often overlooked in live video is the amount of lag experienced between you and your audience. Oftentimes, what you say and what your viewers hear will not be fully in sync.

You may be asked a question and no response is received for a short period.

A good solution for this is to follow up on each question or tell an interesting anecdote while you wait for your audience to catch up on the delay.

Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making visually appealing live videos. That will provide you with more followers on social networks and loyal customers for your business. The most important thing is to remember that you should have fun and be yourself. The rest will line up with enough practice and dedication.

10. Be Yourself

 Being yourself is essential for live video. If you’re not having fun and staying true to yourself when you go live, your audience will be able to notice immediately. Live broadcasting is about letting your personality, with all its quirks, come to the fore.

Your Streaming videos should also be in line with your brand image.

11. Take into Account Mobile Devices

For example, with over 700 million Instagram users and 35% saying they go to the app multiple times a day, your live Streaming videos have to be mobile-friendly. If you are starting an advertising campaign and you are going to include Streaming  videos in your strategies, you should create a mobile user experience at all times.

Not only do video ads have to look good on smartphones, but also the landing pages.

It is essential for your advertising campaign to also optimize your landing pages for mobile traffic.

Mobile links are important because video ads have a click-through rate of 1.84%, the highest average among other media. It shows the importance of how prepared your Streaming videos should be for mobile devices on all social networks.

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