Your Guide to the Causes, Prevention, and Consequences of a Power Surge

Power surges are common and can ruin your home or device for a variety of reasons. It can be a very stressful experience and can result in the loss of valuable investment. However, there are several methods you can use to retrieve your devices. There are many other ways to help recover from the trauma and problems caused by electrical surges.

Disconnect the Device and Reset the Circuit Breaker

This is an important step after a power surge occurs. You may want to unplug and reset all the electronics in your home. Next, you need to reset the circuit breaker. This is the most important step to prevent losing more devices than you have already lost.

Check out all appliances

The next step is to see which devices are working and which are not. This can be confirmed by taking care of one device at a time. You need to evaluate the power in each of them and see if they work properly. Do not rush this step. Try to check one device at a time, rather than checking all devices at once.

Inspection of HVAC Unit

The HVAC unit is an important element of your home. After a power surge, it should be carefully inspected. This can be done by you or an expert. However, it is better to leave this to an expert. HVAC equipment may be found to fail after a power surge. This can be fixed and professionally corrected to avoid further danger.


These are things you need to know, but here are some reasons why electrical surges can occur.

Lightning Strike

If you live in the United States, where thunderstorms occur throughout the year, your home may be vulnerable to power surges. However, this is unavoidable and the only thing you can do is to have an appropriate repair plan in case your home or equipment breaks down.

Cable Disconnection

Cable breaks are another reason for the unfortunate incident. However, regular maintenance can help ensure that your home wiring is correctly installed and reduces the chances. The older the house, the more you need to check for cable breaks on a regular basis.

Power Outages

Power outages cannot cause direct power surges, but power recovery can cause indirect power surges. Frequent power outages increase the risk of overvoltage in your home. In that case, you can lose valuable equipment due to the very high currents.

Socket Overload

Excessive stress on the socket can lead to overvoltage and device failure. Make sure the devices in the same outlet are balanced to minimize electrical load and avoid power surges.


Power surges can be catastrophic, but it’s even more stressful to realize that there’s not much you can do to avoid it. However, there are some things you can try to prevent them from happening.

The Trees Should Be Trimmed and Away from Wiring

If you like gardening and planting and have grown trees in your garden. It is important to have a passion for gardening, but it is also important to provide the care that accompanies it. If a tree gets entangled in a power line near your house, electricity can spike. Therefore, make sure that the trees near your house are properly trimmed and away from the power lines. Not only does it prevent surge protectors, it also helps keep your home clean.

Put Appliances in Categories

You need to classify your appliances based on their sensitivity to a power surge. Your home may have appliances that are more sensitive to surges than others like the air conditioner or refrigerator. Some devices, such as toasters and blenders, may not be worth losing because they play an important role in your day-to-day work. In such cases, you can protect it by installing a plug-in surge protector. These protect all high-end devices in your home from power surges.

Appliances Not in Use Should Be Disconnected from a Power Supply

This may not be a very viable option for many devices, but it is a viable option for some devices. Some devices do not always need to be connected. It is always a good idea to check for devices that you do not need to connect to. This also saves electricity and helps you save energy.

Regular Maintenance of Power Lines

Once you build a house, it is important to understand that it requires regular maintenance. Maintenance of your home involves checking the wiring for damage. Damaged wiring is the cause of electrical surges and can cause catastrophic destruction that can be traumatic to the family. Make sure the cable system is up to date and free of defects.

Final thoughts

Power Surges can be very harmful. Especially if you recently built your own home and invested in it by buying appliances for it. It can also be traumatic for your family and cause unnecessary problems for them. Therefore, it is advisable to understand the cause of the surge, how to prevent it, and what to do if it is still occurring in your home. 

In case a power surge occurs in a home, stay calm do not panic, and ensure the safety of your family by keeping away from any electrical appliances. Do not try to look for the problem yourself and try to solve it, it may backfire. Always ask for professional help as the consequences of unskilled resolution of the problem can be an electric shock or permanently damaged appliances. This way you can stop more damage from occurring and tackle the problem in time.

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