Your Go-To Chatbot Guide 101 – All You Need to Know About Chatbots

As per Juniper Research chatbots help in saving 2.5 billion customer service hours. That is how important chatbots are when it comes to businesses. Not only do they have numerous benefits, but they also help in making things easier for small business owners by cutting down the manual work and automating processes.

The numbers are testament to the fact that integrating chatbots into businesses is a great way to stay ahead of your competitors and save money and resources for doing minuscule work. Additionally, you can also offer great customer service using a chatbot too. Having said that, in this all-in guide we’ll tell your everything that’s there to know about the benefits of chatbots. So, let’s get the ball rolling!


Before we look at the features and benefits of chatbots, let’s first understand what it basically is. As per Maruti Techlabs, “a chatbot is a software program capable of impersonating human conversations in its natural tone, including text or spoken language using technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), pattern recognition, etc.”

A well-constructed chatbot can effectively address your customers’ queries, thereby helping your business save expenses, automate your lead generation and customer support, and personalize experiences for your customers.


Yes, chatbots have different categories too! As per their working mechanism, chatbots can specifically be divided into two categories:

  1. Rule-Based Chatbots – Not as advanced, rule-based chatbots generally follow a set of instructions that are defined earlier in order to understand customer queries and draft responses. 
  2. AI Chatbots – AI chatbots come with a pretty advanced technology that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence as the name suggests. With the help of natural language processing services, AI Chatbots easily understand what are the questions posed to them.


Below we have mentioned some of the unparalleled and exceptional features and benefits that a good chatbot provides. 

    1. Omni-Channel

Chatbots easily integrate with different communication channels whether it’s Facebook, WhatsApp, mobile apps or websites. 

    2. Analytical

Chatbots also help in measuring important business metrics like how well something performs and where did it perform well, especially in terms of countries.  

    3. Secure

When it comes to chatbots, there is no concern of any unwarranted security issue. Data security plus privacy, chatbots help in providing an overcall security coverage. 

    4. Human-Like Approach

Although they are inherently machine, chatbots are made in a way that helps them in providing a human-like approach. Whether it’s answering any queries or providing suggestions, with chatbots it will feel as if you are talking to a real person rather than a machine. 

  1. Personalized

Yes, one of the best features of a chatbot is a personalized approach. You can personalize your chatbot in a tone and language that goes best with your customer base. 

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