Why you should choose Universal Robot for your manufacturing industry?

Robotic technology has progressed dramatically in recent years, and we now live in a century where robots can assist businesses of all sizes in increasing long-term profitability without spending a lot of money. These systems are fairly inexpensive to gain, simple to deploy, and simple to handle for technicians. They do not replace human workers; rather, they help you optimize your team and maximize output.

Ease of Programming:

Universal Robot is easy to program. Their patented technology enables technicians with no programming knowledge to set up their Cobot rapidly and effortlessly. The entire coding sequence is as straightforward as moving the robot arm to the preferred checkpoints by hand or by touching the arrow buttons on a simple tablet.

The programming is completed once the reference points are saved–as it’s simple as that! The whole setup process is reduced from what would ordinarily take weeks to just a few hours. An unskilled operator’s out-of-the-box experience to unpack and run the first basic task is generally less than an hour.

A robot will function effectively and rapidly after simple programming to finalise its job or group of actions. The robot will not become tired, will not need to take a lunch break, and will not leave at the end of the night.

In reality, when it comes to routine tasks, a robot will work quickly and expertly day after day, assisting your business to maximize production.

Robots are safe to use:

Another significant advantage of Universal Robots is their sophisticated safety features. Fencing, gates, and other heavy, limiting safety systems are no longer required for your shop. Rather, you’ll be eligible to function alongside and alongside the robotic arm, helping to bring you closer to your mechanical workshop processes.

All of this is possible thanks to Universal Robots’ built-in push sensing technology and insightful 3D visualisation. These unique capabilities provide your cobot with a genuine feel of its surroundings as well as the capacity to halt instantly when it encounters resistance or impact from human employees.

Following danger analyses, Universal Robot estimated that around 80% of UR robots globally operate with no safety protection. With Universal Robots’ cobots’ enhanced safety measures, you can finally replace workers in filthy, risky operations that might result in inadvertent damage. Instead, you’ll be able to tap into your workers’ full potential, freeing them up to undertake more purposeful and safer work that can lead to possibilities for everyone.

Robots are capable of almost everything:

Loading a machine, running a press brake, stacking finished components, welding steel, sorting supplies, and more — the possibilities for automating repetitive manufacturing activities are nearly limitless. A collaborative robot can do almost any activity with speed and precision, from basic “pick and place” activities to sophisticated, elaborately programmed motions.

There are several types of robot arms and accessories to choose from, but robot hire can assist you in selecting the finest model for your specific needs. The UR3, the smallest of the bunch, is appropriate for minor jobs.

The UR5 is meant to maximize low-weight collaborative activities like choosing, putting, and testing, whereas the UR10 is a larger cobot suited for larger jobs where accuracy and dependability are still critical.

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