RS Aggarwal’s books are quite well known and are considered to be very important especially for Classes from 9 to 12. The very issue of books to refer to remains the same for all the subjects and the same goes for maths as well. This should be simple though for class 9 students especially for maths because they should have a clear cut answer for this i.e., R.S Aggarwal. This book is widely sought-after for various reasons. R.S. Aggarwal Solutions is appreciated by many because it has turned out to be beneficial for several students over the years. Therefore, students find it highly reliable and give it a try especially in class 9. After all, class 9 helps in forming a base for class 10 and therefore, all the concepts should be absolutely clear. 

But what makes this book so beneficial? Let’s find out! 

  1. Solutions are provided for every question in R.S. Aggarwal. So, even if a student is unable to solve a particular question, he/she can easily go to that particular question in the book and can find the most appropriate solution. This is very beneficial because at times when students get stuck they get frustrated and then they start getting all questions wrong. To avoid such situations, a reference like RS Aggarwal Solutions is a must for the students. This book is available on the market, and online. You can also find chapter-wise solutions by just searching RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 9 Math Chapter 7, etc.
  2. One of the crucial judgment criteria for the maths exam is stepwise marking. The students get marked as per the steps followed. No or fewer marks are given in the case of direct answers. So, if students refer to the solutions of the book then they get to know new steps and important steps to various types of questions. This can be very beneficial if the students follow those steps during their exams because then they will get marks according to the steps followed if they are right and this will get them more marks and right answers. Therefore, it is a must for them to refer to the book. If a student can’t understand how the answer is reached or why a particular question has a particular answer then this book can be very helpful to get to know what procedure will lead to what answer and how and thus clearing the concept and doubts of the students.
  3. The solutions in the books are designed and written in a way that is in accordance with the CBSE curriculum. This means that everything that CBSE considers and tries to inculcate while forming questions and answers are taken into consideration in this book. Accordingly, if students refer to the answers from the book then they can be assured that the answers are accurate as per the CBSE viewpoint. Additionally, it will also be beneficial to form a base for the higher class and for other official exams that the student might want to give.
  4. At times it happens that students might find a certain method or formula difficult and they are unable to follow it properly thereby not being able to solve that type of question and can lose marks. This is when R.S. Aggarwal’s books can come to their rescue because of the alternative methods that it offers to the students. This enables the student to be open to different approaches to a question and learn to have a different approach and obviously the option of choosing the method that they find easy and comfortable. Thus, it also helps build confidence towards the subject because class 9 can be really difficult when it comes to maths.
  5. It is a very common observation that students are not able to understand the reasons behind some formula or concept or the theories behind some questions which leaves them impatient. This book, however, is beneficial for them as it provides appropriate explanations for all the questions that are there in the book. This book understands the need of the students to know the explanations behind theories and applications of formulas and therefore, provides the perfect yet understandable explanation and information to them.
  6. Many students prefer visual representation over written content and this book provides them with this as well. The book has many visual representations of the questions that allow such presentation in the form of graphs, diagrams and symbols. This ensures that the students are able to take full advantage of everything that the book provides them with. This is also beneficial for students who tend to remember things better when they see them or have some sort of picture to give their minds a replay. Hence, it can be assured that the book is made considering most types of students and their different forms of retention capacity.
  7. This book because of its huge audience and greater benefits is used by many teachers throughout the country. This can provide students with greater confidence in the book itself. Teachers also find this book beneficial as it has everything that they try to teach their students in their classes. The teachers also frequently mention and recommend this book to their students for practice and clarity purposes. The teachers being humans can themselves get stuck somewhere and this book gets handy for them too. They also use this book to teach certain alternative methods to the questions to the students.

Students can surely refer to this book for examination purposes and else wise. Class 9 students can use this to build their foundation for the higher classes and to learn approaches that they would need later. The entire benefits that the books offer are really admiring and well reaching. Therefore, anyone who feels stuck can with full trust turn to R.S.Aggarwal’s books. In fact, many questions do get asked in the exam from the book itself and therefore it can help fetch really good marks.


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