Why Learning JavaScript Is Useful

JavaScript is a popular programming language. However, people still ask a similar question: “What can be done with JavaScript?” JavaScript forms the base of front-end development languages and allows you to deal with interactive elements on your site. By the way, for some people, learning this language may not be easy. If you face some problems during your study, you may just google “Do my Javascript homework for free” and find some sites where you will be helped with a specific task.

If you really want to become a front-end developer, then you need to have deep knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In this tutorial, we’ll talk about why it’s important to start learning JavaScript, but you shouldn’t ignore HTML and CSS.

What Can Be Done With JavaScript?

Most often, interactive elements on sites are created using JavaScript, the help of which allows these sites to come to life, and they begin to respond to user actions. Examples of such elements:

  • Buttons
  • Forms
  • Sliders
  • Photo galleries
  • Widgets

However, this language is in demand not only in website development. It is used to develop applications such as browsers, applications for SMART TVs, fitness trackers, smartwatches, set-top boxes, and macros for office programs.


If you have an interest in game development and the game industry, it is useful to know that JavaScript even allows you to create browser games. This may not be the easiest area of use for this language, but this knowledge should give you an idea of how flexible JavaScript can be. Download a code editor, come up with a concept, and spend a little time and effort on its implementation.

Mobile applications

Of course, no one would argue that most mobile development is done using Swift or Java, but that doesn’t stop you from building such apps using JavaScript. Nothing prevents us from saying that JavaScript is also a great language for developing mobile applications.

Web and server applications

JavaScript is used for creating web applications and server applications. Today, JavaScript is something like a universal tool for any area, both frontend and backend.

Note: It’s worth noting that this is not a complete list of what you can do with JavaScript. It is a powerful and flexible language, so only your imagination will limit you.

Why should you learn JavaScript?

Now you know what JavaScript is used for – and yes, it’s not just about making interactive elements – it’s time to take a look at the reasons why you should start learning JavaScript. Sure, creating your own mobile apps and interactive elements sounds cool, but what’s the use?

Well, the good news is that your interest in JavaScript means you have an interest in programming. With a careful approach, you can develop this interest into career opportunities.

What are the benefits of learning JavaScript?

We have already answered many questions, but what remains is to tell you about the advantages of this language just for you. Learning to program with JavaScript will provide you with a whole list of benefits:

  • If you don’t even have to actively work as a developer, technical knowledge can come in handy at any time.
  • Expand your opportunities to learn other languages. Many programmers do not recognize this, but most programming languages are quite similar in some aspects. Therefore, the most difficult programming language to learn will be your first language. Once you spend some time learning JavaScript, you will find it much easier to understand basic concepts in other languages, expanding your learning curve.
  • You can earn. JavaScript experience is an important factor for most employers. For many, it will come as a surprise that, compared to other professional skills, programming does not take you the same amount of time to learn. However, it will allow you to get one of the highest paying positions.

What can you achieve with JavaScript?

The answer to this question is much simpler. Learning programming can open up a whole world of new possibilities for you. Here are just a few of them that make it possible to say that JavaScript is a language of possibilities:

  • Become a freelance developer
  • Work with your own site
  • Find a new job

Benefits of JavaScript

It is worth checking out the top GitHub trends or stats on GitHub itself to see the trend: JavaScript is evolving. More than half of developers write in JS, according to Stack Overflow.

The consistently high interest in JavaScript is confirmed by special international ratings. These indices are based on the following analytical data:

  • Queries on programming languages in search engines
  • Questions on professional forums
  • Projects implemented using certain technologies
  • Vacancies for programmers from the largest recruiting agencies


So what is JavaScript? We will not tire of repeating that JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Despite its predisposition to front-end development, the scope of JavaScript continues to expand towards the development of games and mobile applications. If this is compelling to you, then strongly consider learning JavaScript.


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