Why Is Derma Roller An Age Rewind Tool?

derma roller

You might have heard about age rewind serums but what age rewind tool may sound like a new term to you. You can’t be blamed in this case because technology is going through rapid changes every day hand in hand with research.

This strong combination leads to the unimaginable or you can say the most difficult things to achieve which is, reversing the signs of aging on your skin and hair loss. Let us put it this way, A derma roller is a highly effective tool that can not only help you in fighting skin aging but can also reduce hair loss from your scalp.

This article will explain how a derma roller plays a role in doing the aforementioned things and that too without any medication or side effects.

What Is A Derma Roller?

A derma roller is a skincare tool that can be used to roll over the face and scalp. It has tiny needles on the roller which when rolled over the face and scalp produces an acupuncture type effect. The needles make tiny pricks in the skin which is a way of generating collagen production in the skin and scalp.

Collagen plays an important part in binding the space between the connective tissues in our extracellular matrix. This helps in the rebuilding of new sift tissues which have been damaged over time. Increased growth in the body tissues leads to better and younger skin as well as new hair growth. It also stops hair fall to quite some extent.

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What Can A Regular Use Of Derma Roller Do?

Regular use of a derma roller on your face and scalp can do wonders for your skin. There are two sizes of derma roller available. The smaller one is for basic issues and the bigger one is for more advanced issues. You can use the one which suits your needs the most.

1. Wrinkle Removal

If you are developing fine lines and wrinkles on your face then don’t worry, they can go away with a little exercise with a derma roller. All you need to do is use the roller in an upward motion on your face daily. This will make a micro puncture in your skin, boosting collagen growth in it. The skin repair process is quickened resulting in vanishing wrinkles.

2. Acne and Scar Removal

Regular use of a derma roller will help in diminishing acne scars and help you get the blemishing effect over time. This happens because the derma roller encourages the growth of new skin from underneath which helps you get rid of the scars and acne.

3. Shrinks Pores 

Derma rolling can also help you shrink those pores that are so visible on your skin. All you need to do is use the derma roller on the affected area daily. The micro punctures will help boost collagen and the pores will be reduced in number and size over time.

4. Hyper-Pigmentation

Derma rolling can also help with hyperpigmentation. Although it is not known to be very effective against it, it does bring a visible difference to your face over a period of time.

5. Hair Loss

When you roll a derma roller on your scalp, it punches tiny holes into your scalp. The body then has an immediate healing reaction and produces collagen. The repair process leads to the activation of dead roots and this is how you can look forward to new hair growth. It also helps keep the roots healthy thus preventing hair fall.

Where To Buy A Derma Roller?

You can buy a derma roller at any big store in your area which offers skincare tools. If you can’t find them there, then you can buy them online. One good and well-known organic brand that offers derma rollers is Hair Energy by Ayesha Sohaib. This brand can be trusted for their products and are known to have good reviews on social media and on other platforms as well.

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