Why do people use a VPN?

You hear more and more the term VPN, but what exactly is a VPN service and what is it used for? The abbreviation VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and that is by itself the description of what it does. People are looking nowadays for more privacy, so they use a private connection. Yet there are a number of other reasons why people use this service. In this text we will look at some reasons.

Hide your IP address!

As we have already indicated, privacy is a big reason to use a VPN. When you use this service, your IP address is hidden. In this way, the internet provider can no longer see which sites are you visiting, and advertising companies can no longer keep track of exactly which sites you go to. Also, hackers can no longer monitor the activities that you perform on the internet. No one is therefore able to see the data that you receive and send via the internet. In this way a VPN contributes to a great deal of privacy.

A safe use of public WIFI!

Another reason, which also has to do with privacy, is that with a VPN you can safely use a public WIFI connection. Public WIFI connections are easier to hack and that way any hacker would be able to see what you are doing on the internet. When you use a private connection, this is not an issue and the hackers cannot access your data. That way you can safely use a public WiFi connection, such as in the train or the local library.

Bypass Censorship

In some countries, the government blocks certain sites, so that residents cannot visit them. This can happen for several reasons which normally have to do with economics or politics. When you use a private connection, the government cannot see what you are doing so you can bypass these blockages. That way you can still access the sites that are normally blocked by the government of the country you are visiting. 

While Traveling

When you are on travel, you need wifi during your journey. Most airports and metro stations provide free wifi facilities to travelers. But there are more chances of leak of personal information while you use this wifi hotspots. VPN give best security while accessing these wifi facilities. It will hide your identity and so no body from outside network can see your information. Your VPN server is normally located in other country and your data will travel through this server. So VPN is must thing if you travel frequently.

Data throttling

It is normal to see the decreasing of internet speed after consume specific amount of data. Many providers slow the internet speed after use of certain amount of internet data. VPN can also help you in this regard. Use VPN also hide the details of data used by the users. This will help you the users to get constant high speed internet with decreasing speed.

We hope this article will help you to know all important things regarding VPN.

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