Why Are Proxy Servers Important In Data Security?

When you think about the online streets, what picture comes to mind? We can only imagine the amount of movement from the internet traffic. The data flows back and forth and is never-ending.  

Then the noise and clutter must be excess. Think about all the brands that are shouting at the top of the voices, promoting products or services. 

In comes social media users running into billions, posting different types of content. We are talking about traffic from the over 4.93 billion people who use the internet.  

Trying to navigate the street would be crazy. And, of course, in the middle of all this are a few nefarious individuals. Think about it like pickpockets, out to relieve you of your valuables, while walking about.  

These cybercriminals are keeping a close eye on the data flow. They are looking for areas of vulnerability to find entry. If there is a loophole, they get in and steal data or cause other types of havoc. They can, for instance, introduce malware into your systems.  

If your data is part of the traffic on the online streets, you must do all you can to take care of it.  There should never be an opportunity for cybercriminals to get access to it.  

And, you can get data security with the right proxy server. We will show you how in our article below.  

Proxy Servers: What Are They 

When you need information, you type in a search query. You get tons of results. If you click on one link, the browser redirects you to the other website or remote server, necessitating traffic flow back to you. The remote server can identify your exact location through your IP address.  

Now, let’s go back to those online streets for a minute. If all goes well, you will get what you need. But, if lady luck is shining on the cybercriminals, they will intercept your data. 

Now here is where the proxy plays a significant role. It acts like a middleman or gateway, through which the traffic has to pass. The proxy sieves the content and removes any malware or malicious code. 

But, there is a lot more that goes on here. You can use datacenter proxies for an alternative IP address. The remote server will not be able to identify where you are. 

You can browse in total anonymity. Third parties, including cybercriminals, will not be able to monitor your online activities.  

Yet, that’s not all proxies do. Other functionalities include balancing internet traffic.  It is especially useful during peak times so that the site does not crash. Proxies also cache data resulting in faster speeds and savings on bandwidth.  

 Let’s explore the data security angle in a little more detail below.  

  1.  Proxy Servers Put Up Firewalls 

 Firewalls help protect systems from external threats. The configuration allows them to block unauthorized access. That means hackers cannot install malware into the systems.  

The proxy server determines the legitimacy of incoming traffic. As we have stated, the filtering functionality removes any unwanted elements. What comes into your browser is clean.  

The same happens for any requests from external clients. The proxy will act as a shield that protects access to data on your server.  

  1. Data Encryption With Proxies 

When purchasing proxies, look for those that offer data encryption services. The proxy will translate data into a special kind of code then only the intended recipient with the decryption key can unlock the information. 

Any third-party looking at the data will not be able to read it. The process keeps data secure by making it inaccessible to anyone who should not see it.  

And, encrypted proxies hide your online activities even from the ISP. That means you avoid any surveillance from government and non-government institutions. 

  1. Online Anonymity With Proxies 

Hackers or cybercriminals track your online activities through your IP address.  They know exactly where you are and what you’re doing. Anytime you send out information, they will try to access it.

Proxy servers make it impossible for hackers to track the original IP address. Various proxies achieve this in different ways. 

  • High anonymity proxies hide your IP address.  
  • Distorting proxies generate incorrect IP addresses. So, what the remote server sees is the false IP, and not yours.
  • TOR onion proxies route traffic through various networks. It makes it hard for hackers to track the user’s address. Onion routing encrypts data in multi-fold layers. Once it reaches the destination, the recipient must decrypt each layer. What it does is prevent any distortion or scrambling of the information.
  • Elite anonymous proxy servers give high levels of anonymity. They will modify HTTP headers, thus removing any information about you. Such proxies are especially useful for scrapping or sneaker bots. 

There are many different proxies. Take your time in looking for the right one, depending on your needs.  

  1. Monitoring of Online Activities

Insider threats continue to be a concern for many businesses. Up to 34% of cyber-attacks occur due to insider threats. The number of incidences has increased by 47% since 2019.  In 2020, the cost of such threats to organizations was $ 2.79 million.  

It is important to keep a close watch on what people within the organization are doing on the internet. An employee could be accessing sites that could expose the business to cybercriminals.   

Proxy servers help with monitoring online activities. The admin can block sites that they deem unsafe. They can also control the devices that people use to access the internet. 

Security teams get records on the type of content that employees are sourcing. It is a fantastic way to improve internet security and monitor for any illegal activities.  

Final Thoughts 

Investing in a good proxy server has so many benefits. You get anonymity while online. That means third parties cannot monitor what you are doing. 

The proxy will save internet traffic. It removes any malware or code that could infect your systems. The firewall functionality blocks any unauthorized access.   

The right proxy provides data encryption functionalities. Only the person you intend to receive the information can decipher the information. Cyber-criminals who access the data will not be able to make any meaning out of it.   

Using proxies in the business allows you to reduce incidences of Insider threats.  The admin can monitor the sites employees are visiting. They can block any that could pose a risk to the organization.  

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