Why Applozic is the better Alternative to Sendbird?

Are you a business owner looking to implement the best live chat solution for your website? Chances are you spoilt for choice and indecisive about choosing between two of the best-rated live messenger SDKs on the market currently – Applozic and Sendbird. 

This article will break down the pros and cons of each live chat SDK to help you make a more informed choice that will make the most sense for your business. 

Let’s compare the two services: 

How Does Applozic Stand Out?

Applozic was founded in 2015 to address the problems that many of the existing live chat SDKs in the market failed to. The idea behind Applozic was to make it easy for anyone with a website or app to implement a live chat feature in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks.

1. Ease Of Use and Functionality 

One of the core USPs of Applozic’s product is the simplicity and ease of use it offers to customers. The platform provides an easy setup dashboard that makes it simple even for those who don’t have a background in coding to implement live chat. 

2. Cross-App Communication 

This is one of the major differences that sets Applozic apart from its competitors. Their platform allows users to chat with each other through multiple apps. 

3. Voice and Video Chat Options

Applozic is the more modern live chat SDK provider in the space, providing other modes of live communication, including voice and video chat. This expands the horizons for the use cases of their platform. Most other live chat platforms, including Sendbird, lack this feature. 

4. A Variety of Pricing Tiers to Choose From

Applozic offers the most competitive pricing with four different tiers: 

  • Free
  • $79
  • $369
  • A fourth pricing tier for customized live chat solutions

The custom pricing lets you choose which features you want to integrate into your app and the design for the platform. 

This variety of pricing tiers make it accessible to businesses of all sizes, allowing you to pick and choose the features you need to make the platform the most functional for your type of business. 

How Does Sendbird Compare to Applozic?

Sendbird is another leading live chat SDK solution provider established in 2013. It uses the WebSocket protocol that lets users communicate with businesses on the platform.

However, it’s important to note that Sendbird doesn’t offer cross-app communication. 

Here are some other differences between Sendbird and Applozic: 

1. Data Exports Limitations

Like Applozic, Sendbird gives you the ability to export data and analytics in a variety of different formats. But the difference is that this feature is only made available to enterprise customers that choose the highest priced customized price tier.

2. No SMS and Email Fallback

If a message is unable to be delivered to the customer, it can be forwarded to the client through email or SMS. This feature is known as SMS or email fallback that lets you establish communication with customers through other modes if they get disconnected for any reason.

Applozic provides this feature as a standard across its platform, but Sendbird doesn’t. 

3. Prolonged Support Times 

When choosing a live chat messenger SDK for your business, one of the most important things to consider is back-end support. There may be times that you have trouble with the platform’s integration in your app. You might need to get in touch with the platform provider’s support teams to resolve this.

This is a major consideration because the longer your platform’s chat service stays inaccessible to customers, the more business you’re likely to lose. Sendbird’s support teams take days to get in touch and resolve queries, while competitors like Applozic can do it much faster through email, SMS, and Skype. 

4. Good Uptime 

Both Applozic and Sendbird offer comparably good uptimes with an Availability SLA of 99.90%. 


Considering these differences between the offerings of these top live chat SDK providers, we think that Applozic is the better sendbird alternative choice for most businesses across different sizes.

We hope this article has helped you make a more informed choice when picking the right live chat SDK for your business. Make sure to ask for a demo of the product you decide to choose, so you get a hands-on feel of the platform before you invest in it. 

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