What You Need to Know About Social Media and Screen Captures

In the U.S., about 72% of all adults are on at least one social media platform. With social media becoming such a prominent way of communicating with others, understanding all of its features becomes paramount.

An often-cited topic is screen-shotting or screen captures. Because everything is so easily captured through screens, how does it all work on social media?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to view our breakdown on how screenshots and screen capture works on social media platforms.

What Is a Screenshot or Screen Capture?

A screenshot or screen capture is a still image of whatever a tablet, phone, or computer user is seeing on their screen.

You usually do it by pressing some command key (such as Fn + PrtSc on Windows laptops) or by pressing a few buttons on phones. Often times the image saves to your clipboard or directly to your camera roll.

Most, if not all technology that you can view social media on has this functionality. As such, it’s crucial to know whether you get notified whenever someone screenshots or captures something.

Let’s break down how it works on four of the most prominent social media sites out there: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Facebook Screenshots and Screen Captures

If someone takes a screenshot of your Facebook profile or Facebook post, you will not receive any notifications about it. If you yourself take a screen capture, your device will let you know that you did so.

This goes for Facebook Messenger, its one-on-one chatting service. You won’t receive notifications if someone screenshots your conversations.

Instagram Screenshots and Screen Captures

You can take as many screenshots or captures of an Instagram feed as you want. No one will receive notifications besides the user.

An Instagram stories screenshot will, however, notify the original poster. Whether it’s a screenshot or a screen capture of a video, the person who posted the story will be able to see if they swipe up.

LinkedIn Screenshots and Screen Captures

LinkedIn, on the other hand, does not notify users if their stories or posts are screenshotted or captured. This means others can freely take images of your posts or stories on the platform without you knowing.

Twitter Screenshots and Screen Captures

Twitter is very much the same as LinkedIn and Facebook in that the platform doesn’t notify users of any screenshots of their posts. If someone takes a screenshot or capture, you won’t be able to find out.

Tips For Using and Preventing Screenshots

If you run a social media account yourself, screenshots can be incredibly valuable and quick ways of producing content. Seeing an inspirational quote or funny image can be repurposed for your followers just like that.

Make sure you’re crediting the original poster when you do this by either tagging them or having their names be shown. If the poster doesn’t want to be seen, respect that decision by marking their names out or not posting.

If you don’t want to be screenshotted all the time, make sure you update your privacy settings. Sift through your followers and keep a tighter circle around you.

Leverage Screenshots and Screen Captures Today

Understanding screen captures and screenshots are key if you want to enjoy your social media presence. Use this guide to help you navigate this topic and leverage screenshots the right way!

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