What Is the Major Content of PMI PMP Certification Exam?

PMP Certification Exam Content (Reference)

The most content of PMP test comes from the five process groups and ten knowledge fields in the official textbook PMBOK guidance.

Five process groups: initial, planning, execution, monitoring, and closing.

Ten knowledge fields: project integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communications, risk, procurement, and stakeholder management.

PMP exam question type: single choice question. The test consists of 200 optional questions, among which 25 questions are not counted into the score appearing randomly in the test.

Tips on Answering PMP Exam Questions

  1. Control time and check whether you have answered all questions: The exam lasts for 4 hours. Every question has four answers. In general, you have adequate time to finish all questions. It is suggested to check all the questions after finishing the test. For example, you can further analyze the questions you are not that sure about. However, do not waste too much time on a question. You can do other questions first. Then, come back to consider the question and you may solve it.


  1. Do not get into a blind alley: Some questions are short. The answer can be “all the above answers are correct” “all the above answers are incorrect” or “information provided is inadequate”. You should pay attention to these options, which may be the right answer. A few traps you will encounter in the exam, so do not split hairs or consider too much.


  1. Adopt the exclusive method: When encountering the question that you are not sure about, you can choose this method to exclude the answers that are obviously wrong so that it is more possible to choose the right one.


  1. Read the question carefully: The situational questions are the difficult part of the exam. They will set a specific situation and you need to answer 3 to 4 questions based on the situation given. Therefore, you must read the question carefully. Avoid misunderstanding. Otherwise, you may do all the questions wrong.


  1. Control the time of filling in the answers: It is suggested to fill in answers each time after you have finished 40-50 questions.


These are the tips on answering PMI PMP exams questions. The PMP certification is not as difficult as you imagine. Once you have made enough efforts and preparation, you are sure to pass the exam successfully. You may ask why it is necessary to acquire the certificate? Because the certificate is highly valuable widely recognized in the world.

Many enterprises attach importance to the certificate. Equipped with such a certification, you find it easier to enter the field of project management and to communicate with professionals. More importantly, through participating in the PMP certification training, you can change your think mode which can drive you to be a professional project manager. Besides, if you want to change your current job, taking the PMI PMP exam can be a good start. 

To successfully pass the exam, you need to choose a trustworthy training institution. By taking a reliable training course, you can learn a lot. You can work together with your classmates and accumulate PDUs through various activities.

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