What is the Expedition in Path of Exile?

And who are these foreigners in Wraeclast?

‘Expedition’ is the newest league of Path of Exile. Players can unearth lost relics of the Kalguur by setting up explosives. They then can exchange these relics for other items through any of the four vendors in the league like other PoE currency. But the question is who are these people, and why have they come to Wraeclast?

Let’s try answering these questions.

The Vendors

There are four people on this expedition to Wraeclast, Gwennen, Tujen, Rog, and Dannig. Each one is researching about a specific faction among their people, the Kalguur, related to an expedition made long ago. 

Gwennen is researching the Order of the Broken Circle, which was once led by Medved. Tujen is researching the Black Scythes, led by Vorana. Rog is researching the Order of the Chalice, the leader of which was his ancestor, Uthred. Lastly, Dannig the leader of this expedition is researching the Knights of the Sun, the head of which was also the leader of the past expedition, Olroth.

The current expedition came to Wraeclast to find an artifact called the Triskelion Flame. It was brought along during the first expedition due to the ‘omen’, which coincided with the fall of the Vaal kingdom. While the primary reason is finding out what’s happening to the world, the expedition also has the goal of colonization. However, that didn’t turn out well for them.

A Truth Lost

Once the player has logbooks when they figure out Dannig’s clues they have the chance to find an underground room. It would contain a log from that first expedition, something that hopefully will point the current expedition to the whereabouts of their missing artifact. There are more than 30 of these logs, detailing what happened to the ill-fated expedition.

Case in point, they came soon after the fall of Vaal, meaning that the undead roamed the land. They landed safely and had limited encounters with survivors. However, when trying to ask about the gems embedded in the Fallen, the survivors cut ties completely.

Wisely, the Kalguur avoided touching the gems. They were able to set up a settlement due to the protection of the Triskelion Flame. With a safe place established, they tried to thin out the threats in the new world. Unfortunately, even as they defeat the corpses, dead allies get added to their enemies’ number, even without the gems.

Still, they attempted to thrive, sending back some treasures they’ve found back to their land. The expansion was unsuccessful, without the help of the Triskelion Flame, so Medved decided to expand its area of influence. The downside to this action is that the general strength of its protection went down. It went on until they encountered the Empty-Eyed Fiend.

This was an enemy they had never before encountered. It could think and strategize, and it seemed to prefer young victims to eat. Its arrival also heralded some increase in the intelligence of the creatures in the land. Olrath decided that everything must be eradicated for the safety of the settlement.

Despite his and Vorana’s best efforts, nothing they did was effective. So Olrath had the idea to use the gems. This decision was the beginning of a downward spiral that led to the expedition’s failure. Following this, Medved and his faction could no longer do their duty. Since he could no longer do his duty, Vorana tempted him to join the fighting and gave him axes with gems embedded in them. He gave in and let go of his pacifist nature.

Olroth was finally able to decapitate the Empty-Eyed Fiend using the gems and stuck the head onto a pole. Yet, after this, another increase of intelligence was observed in the monsters attacking them. Uthred, the only one to not use the gems, also noticed his allies changing. Medved ran out of the flames’ protection and didn’t return. Olroth was seen sleepwalking.

Uthred, to prove his suspicions, attacked Olroth while the latter was sleepwalking. Vorana convinced him to trap Olroth in a glass case as an experiment to see if he really was the one leading the creatures. The logs ended with the case broken, the Triskelion Flame missing, and a ship was gone. The rest of their ships were wrecked, which left them no way to chase after whoever fled.


It’s a long story that ended in tragedy, and of course, this isn’t the whole story. Players do end up finding the artifact, but the ending to this story is better experienced yourself. The items and rewards from this league may be a little lackluster and not worth participating in PoE Trade for, but the backstory is certainly interesting. Farming for Exalted Orbs is also quite tedious, but players can prefer one over the other.

At any rate, that’s the summarized story about what happened to the Triskelion Flame and the truth about its expedition leaders. Keep on enjoying Path of Exile!

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