What is the best VMware certification?

We all know that there is a huge demand for professionals in the virtualization field. Most big corporations use VMware technologies for their virtualization needs. Hence, for a person looking to make a career in VMware products and services, then VMware certifications are the way to go. The credentials are progressive and range from entry-level certifications to experienced professional certifications. Let’s dive into VMware certifications and get to know which certification is the best to date.

What Are VMware Certifications?

VMware certifications aim to equip IT professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to work in diverse environments with VMware products. Currently, there are twenty-two certifications that are divided into four levels as follows :

VCTA- VMware Certified Technical Associate (For Operators)

This is an entry-level certification for beginners in virtualization. It equips the individual to perform operational tasks handed down from the administration. Therefore, these certifications are excellent for people who are looking to enter the virtualization industry.

VCP- VMware Certified Professional (For Administrators and Engineers)

This level is meant for IT professionals engaged in installing, configuring, optimizing and managing VMware solutions. A VMware certified professional usually works as a system administrator and engineer.

VCAP- VMware Certified Advanced Professional (For Administrators, Architects and Engineers)

The VCAP certification is created for professionals involved in designing and developing VMware solutions, i.e., VCAP design. Additionally, professionals who manage and deploy VCAP can also undertake this certification. It is an advanced-level certification.

VCDX- VMware Certified Design Expert (For Architects)

It is considered the highest certification level for professionals who design, develop, and manage VMware solutions. A professional needs to submit and prove a production-ready VMware solution in front of a veteran VCDX panel to earn this certification.

All these four levels of certification are applicable to a specific certification track. Currently, there are six VMware certification tracks as follows:

  1. Data Center Virtualization: This track validates a professional’s proficiency in designing, deploying and maintaining VMware vSphere environment in the practical world.
  2. Security: It deals with skills necessary to build and deploy VMware security solutions and offer assistance for VMware product’s security features.
  3. Digital Workspace: It authenticates skills necessary for safely delivering and managing any application with the use of intelligence-driven platforms on any device.
  4. Cloud Management And Automation: This learning track certifies skills in setting up, scaling and configuring all kinds of clouds, be it private, public or hybrid.
  5. Network Virtualization: It deals with proficiency in designing, implementing and maintaining network virtualization with VMware NSX environment.
  6. Application Modernization: It validates a professional’s knowledge of emerging technologies such as Kubernetes and VMware Tanzu.

Therefore, all the four-level certifications are present in each learning track. For instance, in Data Center Virtualisation, the certifications range from technical associate to expert.

Which VMware Certification Is The Most Popular?

VMware has a plethora of certifications to choose from, as you would have become aware by now. However, the best VMware certification depends on what domain you wish to make a career in. If we go by the industry, the most popular VMware certification is VCP-DCV, i.e. VMware Certified Professional-Data Center Virtualisation. It has over one lakh certified professionals. This certification validates an individual’s skill to deploy, maintain and troubleshoot a vSphere infrastructure.

How Difficult Is It To Get A VMware Certification?

The difficulty level of VMware certifications depends on the domain, existing knowledge, and experience of an individual. To understand and gain expertise, the candidate must comply with the recommended and mandatory prerequisites. The bar for passing any VMware certification is high to deliver quality professionals in the industry. However, acing the exam depends on an individual’s effort and dedication. Hence, VMware certifications will be quite difficult to crack if you lack recommended knowledge or do not put in the work required to pass the examination.


An individual might get overwhelmed with multiple VMware learning paths. With this article, you must have gained a clear overview of VMware certification tracks. However, going only for the popular certification is not wise for a professional. Instead, go for a learning track that best suits your preferences, interests, and job domain.


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