What is Seva Sindhu Application and How to use it?

Seva Sindh app is designed specially by the government of Karnataka to help the auto and taxi drivers alongside the laborers and other unskilled sectors with a remuneration during these difficult times of COVID-19. 

The Chief Minister of Karnataka has launched it on 19th May 2021. A relief package of Rs.1250 crores is being provided and the same is declared in an official statement that was released by the ministry recently.

Under this government scheme, everyone covered under this scheme would get a benefit of 3000 rupees each. The assistance of 2000 rupees is also being provided to the workers of the unorganized sectors including tailors and potters, barbers, ragpickers, and waste collectors.

A grant of Rs.10000 per hectare of land would also be given to the floriculture farmers under this scheme.

The app though has a larger scope than simply distributing relief packages. It is trying to take an initiative to expand the reach of the government services bringing them to the doorstep of every citizen.


It has been built to cater to all government-related information to the citizens of the state. 

The app has several beneficial features which include;

– The app serves as a single-stop solution for all government-related information.

– With the help of several government schemes people can try to earn some benefit and profit during these difficult times.

– The government works to share different features and services through the app.

– Seva Sindhu app aims to make those organizations that are mainly aided by the taxpayers more upfront, open, financially aware, more direct, and responsible.

– The helpline number is aimed at helping the citizens resolve their issues faster and without wasting much time.

How to use it?

To use the Seva Sindhu app, you will need to download the app and then you have to register with the app.

The registration process is simple and is described below.

– Go to the official website

– Click on the New Registration tab located at the bottom of the page.

– Click on that link and when a new page opens, you’ll have to add the Aadhar number to it.

– Simply choose service and follow up when doing your online registration.

– In the next section, you’ll have to fill up your eligibility requirements, the proofs of the required documents, simply add all that the portal asks you to add.

– Once the registration page opens, you’ll have to fill up the necessary information required for registration.

– Once done, simply click on the register tab.

– Now for logging in you’ll have to provide the email ID or the phone number whatever you used for registration.

– You’d be provided with an OTP and once you receive it, you’ll have to fill it in the section which asks for it.

– Type the captcha and then hit the submit tab.

– You would be redirected to the online service portal dashboard.

There are separate sections within the app that can be browsed easily. There is an user manual as well a video manual which can be looked at when in doubt.


Reviews for the app are wonderful and users are finding it very user-friendly and easy to use. The app is available both in Kannada and English thus understanding the instructions is not an issue with the app.

Additionally, checking the status with the app is easy if you have applied with the Revenue or the Food and Services department. Thus, the people of Karnataka are liking the app immensely.

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