What is sales intelligence, and how can it help you to achieve sales success?

Nowadays, sales intelligence tools are getting pretty popular among the sales team. But you want to achieve your goals quickly. It’s necessary not just to know the term but its importance as well. You should know ‘where you can use a sales intelligence tool’ and ‘how can a sales intelligence tool help you reach your goals.’ 

While using a sale intelligence tool, you should know what purpose you are using. Without having a specific goal in mind, you will not understand how to use the tool to its fullest.

Let’s look at what sales intelligence is and how it can help you reach your sales goals.

What is sales intelligence?

Sales intelligence is a range of technologies that lets marketing and sales teams find, collect, analyze and evaluate data on future customers. It supports your marketing and strategies, specifically lead generation strategies, and provides up-to-date data on your prospects. The software collects data from the internet — on social media, websites, etc.; the technique is often used in the B2B industry to improve the B2B customer journey and make the research process easier.

A sales intelligence tool doesn’t only give you contact data, but it also gives you other information about your prospects such as company history, financial information, employee contact data, etc.,

By using the sales intelligence tool, you can refine and narrow down your searches, get more concrete information about the leads, and make it easier for you to get more solid results. To get more accurate results, you can create an ideal customer profile that you can use to get more refined searches.

The sales intelligence tool can also be integrated with any CRM system. It also supports lead qualification and data enrichment features while also providing data maintenance which is already a part of sale intelligence. 

Some tools also support:

  • Extracting data from social media
  • Website tracking
  • Sending automatic alerts to your inbox
  • Automatic generation of lead lists
  • Supporting sales enablement and sales engagement

In all, the goal of a sales intelligence tool is to improve your sales performance overall.

How does sales intelligence work?

The major benefit of using a sales intelligence tool is it helps to create high-quality and customized data. How does a sale intelligence tool build data?

With the help of AI and crawler technology. It scans the internet for publicly available information and collects it back in the software. Then the collected data is sorted, analyzed, evaluated, and enriched. Later, you can study the data and determine the selling signals, such as visiting your website, downloading an ebook, commenting on one of your social media posts, etc. By studying these signals, you can determine how interested the prospect is in your services and act accordingly. 

What are the benefits of a sales intelligence tool?

A sales intelligence software proves to be quite beneficial as it helps in improving your sales performance. Some of the benefits of a sales intelligence tool are:

It helps in discovering your market potentials.

As the sale intelligence tool, gathers the information from the internet. Based on your ICP, it can collect all the potential prospects with detailed information for you, so you don’t miss out on any upcoming opportunities. 

It helps in finding out your target audience.

By using the sale intelligence tool, you don’t have to spend hours and hours doing research. Combining the static data such as company name, company address, and industry with dynamic data such as awards, contracts, and current news, you can prepare a list of your ideal customer.

It helps in saving your research time

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into doing research. With a few clicks, you can get your required data within minutes.

Look out for your competitors.

With a sales intelligence tool, you can find out and keep an eye on your competitors. Now, you don’t have to spend the whole day checking out what your competitor is doing, and the sales intelligence tool makes it easier for you.

Helps in improving lead enrichment and lead qualification

Many times a lead form only asks for the company name and email address. All the important information about your prospects, such as financial data and industry, can be added automatically with the sales intelligence tool. This helps in speeding up the research and lead qualification process.


The sales intelligence tool has become an important part of the sales process. Not only does it improve the sales process, but it also saves up your time and automates the research part, making it easier for you to do other important tasks such as educating about your product, giving the right product demo, or using different sales strategies like hard sell and soft sell.

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