What is IMO class 9? Complete details


Olympiad exams, one of the most well-known examinations, target students in grades from one to nine and help them prepare for future entrance and competitive tests in topics such as arithmetic, scientific knowledge, artistic, Languages, social science, and economics. From these all-Olympiad exams, the maths Olympiad is referred to as IMO that is, ‘International Mathematical Olympiad’.  This IMO is conducted on a global and regional level across the globe to assess teenagers as well as kids’ knowledge and skills. 

Secondary classes are very imperative in student life. Despite knowing this, an unrequired burden is asserted on teenagers by teaching concepts that are practically not even feasible. Here, this 9th class Olympiad comes with the practical concepts that are also part of the school syllabus. 

Upcoming dates and events of IMO examination for class 9


04 Dec 2021 – 05 Dec 2021   Exam-Level 1 (Set A) |Mode: Online
24 Dec 2021Exam-Level 1 (Set B) |Mode: Online
26 Dec 2021                              Exam-Level 1 (Set C) |Mode: Online
08 Jan 2022 – 09 Jan 2022      Exam-Level 1 (Set D) |Mode: Online

Important instruction of the exam 

  • It is strongly advised that students take the exam on a desktop, laptop, or tablet.
  • Please take the main test on the same device that you used to take the practice test on.
  • Please be aware that your test may be captured on video or audio. Any departures from the instructions, bad behaviour, or unfair exam procedures may result in your rejection from the examination.
  • Please keep in mind to shut all of your browser’s other tabs.
  • Please make sure no downloads or notice bars are running in the background.
  • Remove any hanging garments and avoid using curtains in your background.
  • You are not permitted to leave the room during the examination for any reason.
  • Calculators and similar equipment are not permitted.
  • Sit in a well-lit area with no glaring lights shining directly behind you.

 How To prepare for class 9th Olympiad

Steps to prepare:

  • Starting with the very basic step which is followed for preparing each test that is none other than being familiar with the syllabus of class 9th Olympiad thoroughly. Students can learn about the curriculum by going to the 9th class Olympiad’s verified website, where the syllabus for all the subjects is posted. I would like to add, that to take care that students are not loaded with academic pressure, syllabus planning is not lengthy.
  • Now that we have a good understanding of the curriculum, the next step is to decide where to begin studying. Students should always start with basic concepts of a particular subject for which they are appearing. After that, they can switch to an advanced level.
  • For preparing for the Olympiad test, one should now have Olympiad books which are specially launched in the market for class 9 aspirants for different subjects. These books consist of multiple-choice questions based on chapters. All types of questions ranging from basic to advance level are included with detailed explanations at the end.
  • This self-study book is genuine and will be of great assistance in preparation for this competition. While doing self-study candidates must try to solve some previous year questions and for this candidates can refer to IMO Class 9 Previous Year Paper 2013. By solving this question paper, one can make a strong foundation of pattern as well as the difficulty level of the exam.
  • Apart from national Olympiad sample papers, there also comes an international Olympiad book which contains previously asked questions so, students can strategize smartly by knowing the types of questions asked in Olympiad. Moreover, the syllabus of international Olympiad books is the same as that of schools. This being an international level book assist students in competing at both national and international level.

When is IMO conducted?

On annual basis: IMO tests are conducted annually on online platforms. Exams of this calibre are far too prestigious to be taken. As a result, this test can be done anywhere, whether at school or at home, in a comfortable environment. The test will last for an hour, in a given time, 35-50 multiple choice questions must be solved. As a result, students must be thorough with concepts when studying for the Olympiad.

On monthly basis: Every month, the IMO test for class 9th is also held, and it is also an online test. The Duration of the monthly test is mostly half an hour and the number of questions asked is 25-30. Since these tests are held chapter by chapter, students can easily master each topic. The Syllabus of this test is the same as that of class 9. Furthermore, these tests act as a building stone for students not only in excelling in other competitions but also in stepping forward towards a career in the future.

Benefits of this examination

Focus is also laid on logical thinking. It means students are also checked on their logic; that shows how well they comprehend various topics without cramming. One more positive aspect of such International Mathematical Olympiads is that it is conducted in form of a multiple-choice question, so students don’t have to mug up the concept, despite they develop understanding. Appearing candidates of class 9th can attempt every question without being afraid of negative marking as no negative marking is done for answering wrong. On learning the importance of the math Olympiad, both parents and teachers should encourage students to take this test for the sake of their children’s future success, and schools should offer in-depth classes on the Olympiad syllabus. This way students can step forward in their future dreams and in fact can bring glory to their own countries by participating in such superior tests.


In conclusion, I’d like to reiterate that the 9th grade Olympiad is a well-known test for pupils. To excel in this and secure one’s future along with serving their country, one must be familiar with the entire syllabus. For a thorough understanding of any issue, consult reputable books. In fact, students should take part in monthly tests because they provide exposure and serve as a performance builder and analyser.

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