What is field service software and how can it help service businesses?

There’s more to field service management than job allocation and prioritisation – everything that goes into successfully completing a job needs to be tracked, including where each agent is sent, when you sent them, the success of their visit and everything in between.

Field service software tools offer a central hub to automatically manage all of these tasks and more, meaning you can use those valuable man-hours elsewhere in the business.

What is Field Service Management Software?

Field service software is a cloud-based suite of programs designed to streamline your operations by automating elements of field service management, including: 

  • Call Logging
  • Customer Management
  • Invoicing
  • Quotes
  • Reporting
  • Stock Control Management

As field service software is cloud-based, it enables everyone in the field service chain – from technicians to dispatchers and management to after-sales care – to operate the same platform from any mobile device. This means you can have complete alignment across your team with the minimal admin. 

Field service solutions also offer an integrated customer portal, for a complete end-to-end experience that offers complete transparency and exceptional service. 

How can field service software benefit your business?

Put simply, utilizing field service software can help cut down on admin and increase the efficiency of your workforce. But that only tells a small part of the story, and the benefits go well beyond that of a simple productivity tool.

Here’s a more detailed outline of the benefits that field management software can bring to your business:

  • More effective communications – Field services management software provides a portal with managed permissions to facilitate effective communication between relevant departments and even customers. This is particularly important for field agents, as it allows for effective communication with them from anywhere, meaning you can quickly get critical information to them and keep track of times, locations and progress, which is essential for managing workloads and customer expectations. Utilising cloud-based software means your entire team can work and access the same software from anywhere, whether they’re office based or out in the field. An important consideration in today’s climate.
  • More efficient data management – Manually inputting information into a number of applications, spreadsheets and hand-written forms can take up an unnecessary amount of time, particularly if you need to re-enter the same information a number of times. There’s also the duplication, input errors and missed information. Using a field management system means information only needs to be entered once, which helps to speed up logging and reporting.
  • More effective time management – Field management software can take care of a range of tasks across your business, from project allocation to invoicing , and accounting to payroll. Automating these tasks means you can cut down on unnecessary admin and utilise those working hours elsewhere.
  • More effective customer service – Cloud-based field management software means customers can have their own gateway into your system, which will offer real time information on the progress of their project and show timescales to help set expectations and offer them the best possible service. As systems are permission-based, this means they will only have access to information on their own particular project, meaning there’s no risk of accidentally sharing information about other clients or your own business accounts.

Does your business need Field Service Management Software?

If you manage a team of field agents, whether they work in consultations, sales, repair, maintenance or customer support, using field service management software can help your business work smarter and more efficiently, saving time, money and offering the best possible customer experience.

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