What is CSM? Complete Guide to Certified Scrum Master

CSM is the abbreviation of a Certified Scrum Master. A Scrum Master is an individual that heads a Scrum team. A Scrum team, in turn, is the group of employees in any organization that ensures the appropriate application of Scrum techniques and thus the efficient management and completion of a project. Scrum is a slight detour of the agile framework of project management that generally focuses on the elimination of losses and a decrease in waste production. The knowledge and skills related to Scrum are an asset to any organization, and thus the organization looks for reliable certification while hiring a candidate for the responsibilities and duties related to the post of Scrum Master. The certifications pertaining to Scrum are like: – CSM, CSPO, A – CSM, CSD, CSP – SM, etc. The certification of CSM is preferred among the options mentioned. The CSM certification is governed by the Scrum Alliances.

The said certificates can be categorized into 3 different categories such as:-

Scrum Master Track: – The Scrum Master track certificates are the certifications that include CSM, A-CSM, etc., whereas product owner track certifications include tests like CSPO, A – CSPO, etc.

Developer track: – The certifications like CSD, etc., come under the Developer track.

The duration for which these certifications remain valid is generally only two years after the certificate becomes invalid. One may wish to submit the renewal fees or take a retake of the same certification as may suit the situation to maintain the certification.

Prerequisites for applying for the CSM test:- At least a secondary degree, minimum of 21 hours of formal agile education, 2000 hours of general project experience, and at least 1500 hours of project experience that are based on agile techniques are the requirements a candidate must confirm to for appearing the CSM certification test. A recent requirement includes a minimum of two days of training from a certified Scrum trainer.

The total number of questions: – The CSM certification test consists of a total of only 50 questions.

Passing marks: – To avail of the certification of CSM, the candidate needs to clear in at least 37 questions, i.e., obtain 74% pass marks.

Duration: – The certification test is of one-hour duration within which all the questions must be answered.

Cost of the certification: – The CSM certification can be achieved with a minimal application fee. The applicant requires to pay only USD $ 29 to apply for the certification examination.

Salary: – The salary of a Scrum certified CSM is at least USD $ 90 000 per year, which is approximately about 14 lakhs in Indian Rupees.

Language: – This test can appear in 13 different languages.

Training and preparation for the CSM certification test: – The CSM certification is not that difficult to pass and can be passed with hard work and perseverance, although undertaking a course is compulsory to appear in the exam. The Scrum Alliances provide training for CSM aspiring candidates as well as they can also be found on several other sites and scheduled as per the convenience of the candidate. The CSM training includes the following fields:-

– Good knowledge of agile techniques such as kanban, Scrumban, Gemba, etc.

– Phenomenal service efficiency

– Techniques like FDD, 5S, etc., are required to be spot on.

– Exceptional leadership qualities.

– A freehand with computer basics and Mastering the project related software

– Good interpretation of data and their use

– Communication skills

– Risk management

– Punctuality

– Self-check habit

Scrum is a framework that is tremendously popular and widely adopted in IT organizations in order to reach the maximum zenith. Scrum includes principles and methodologies that help in achieving the targets of a project easily meanwhile maintain all the resources, workforce, time, etc., and also catering t the requirements and changes made by the client. The flexibility and adaptability of Scrum to any type of project irrespective of the project specifications and the added benefits of project maximization and loss minimization is the best option for an organization to adopt. A candidate aiming for a brighter future in the IT world should undoubtedly get himself or herself certified with the CSM certification. The details of the CSM certification have been given above in a neat manner.

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