What Are The Elements Of A Web Design?

A business website is supposed to have a great website design, as it gives an impact on your brand and leaves an impression on your audience. This is why you must place more emphasis on web design. Along with this, if your business website will have a good design, then it will surely impact your SEO which might also increase your rankings on the search engines. Therefore, you must be crucial about the overall layout and design of your website. Also, you must choose an appropriate platform for a great custom web design.

In this article, we have listed the base elements that you must use righteously for improving your website’s performance.

Top 5 Elements Of Web Design


  • Visual Appearance And Overall Layout


Visual appearance is concerned with the colors, fonts, backgrounds, heading size, and button styles that are used in the website. Whereas, the layout is a complete framework of a website.

Hence, a website needs to have an appropriate visual appearance and layout. So, you must be careful while choosing the font, color, image size, and background to sustain your target audience.


  • Bold Typography


Typography is considered a pillar of minimalist design that must be a feature of a modern website. Clean typography generally includes web-standard fonts, appropriately-sized text, adequate space between lines, and gray/black typography.

Hence, many businesses have fixed typography or a specific font that identifies their brand. This is why you must consider having a font for your website that may remain in tune with the online resources which you provide and across the pages of your website.


  • Background Videos


A smart background video could be just perfect to provide information about your business. So, you must include a background video that could tell a story to your audience. 

Along with this, such videos can develop an interest in your audience and surely take their full attention, the moment they land on the web page.


  • Optimization for speed


While designing a website, you should always be vigilant about the page loading speed. It is because a low speed could be a demerit for your website.

In that case, you could minimize HTTP requests in chrome’s developer tools, optimize the images, use compression to keep files smaller, or even choose a suitable hosting server.


  • Large and Responsive Images


Large hero images could surely make the customers scroll your web pages. So, you should put large and responsive images on your website to make your customer’s experience much better. 

Such images can also have a good appearance when seen from a laptop or a tablet.

The Bottom Line

A website design should always be accessible, familiar, clean, simple, and intuitive. It is because the complexity in a web design may not retain your audience and that may cause a big loss to your business. 


Therefore, if a website will be designed appropriately, then you won’t even have to face many problems related to your audience. Also, make sure that you use enough white space on your website.


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