What are the best smart watches out there?

Smartwatches do a lot more than users think of. It is not only about the aesthetic appeal it gives to the users but also enhances functionality in multiple ways. From improving your active routine to enhancing health standards, there is a lot that a smart watch can do.


Fortunately, there are hundreds of smartwatches in the market that can be purchased. However, this makes it difficult to make the right choice. Thus, here are some of the options that are very popular in the market out there:


  1. Apple Series 6


Apple is unquestionably the most popular smartwatch brand out there. The Series 6 of this brand is the best that you can get. From exceptional user interface and remarkable display to a wide collection of health applications to better overall functionality, there is a lot that you can get out of the Apple Series 6. It has also improved the battery life. It is a combination of aesthetic appearance and operational functionality which makes this the right choice.


  1. Samsung Galaxy 4


This is the second most popular smartwatch which you can purchase. It boasts a sporty appearance. However, there is also a classic version of this watch that you can prefer. This watch also measures the rate of the heart, is capable of taking ECG, and can also evaluate the body’s composition. There are many features that only Samsung has come up with and are thus, exclusive in that sense. Nevertheless, it is an expensive model to go for.


  1. Fitbit Sense


Fitbit is gaining popularity with the passage of time. It comes with a number of advanced features with respect to health, fitness, and well-being. It comes with a blood oxygen reading and can even measure skin temperature. There are different navigational applications. It is one of the best brands that you can purchase. However, if you want the ECG feature, this watch doesn’t have it. moreover, it can be an expensive purchase if you are low on budget.


  1. Fitbit Versa 3


This is another smartwatch from the franchise of Fitbit that features on this list. When it comes to GPS, it has one of the best functionalities. It has a larger display, however, with a curvier appearance. There are different motivational workout applications that can be used to your advantage. It has one of the best customer reviews in the market. This is why it should be purchased since it is highly popular amongst the customers.




  1. Garmin Vivoactive 4


This is one of the best smartwatches if you are a fitness freak. This watch comes in different sizes and shapes. It has an animated screen which is perfect for yoga freaks. There are different sensors attached to this model that increases the functionality of the watch. There are hundreds of reasons why you should purchase this model. However, keep in mind that this watch can be a major burden on your budget since it is expensive.

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