What Are Marketing Automation Services And How Does It Help Marketers?

What are marketing automation services? Does it really help online businesses?

A large number of entrepreneurs asked this question and wondered what it is? So before diving deep into email marketing automation, its purpose, and key objectives. Let’s first find out its most straightforward definitions. 

We prefer marketing automation to use applications to ensure quick response by automating repetitive tasks and activities like email marketing, social media posting, or ad campaigns. Marketers don’t automate only for the sake of efficiency but also to create outstanding customers and users. Nowadays, automating and managing your marketing tasks through software isn’t a choice; it is necessary to have a robust digital presence. You can find plenty of options to increase your audience and great more sales and leads and one of them is affiliate marketing. It is the simplest and proven way of broadening your business landscape. 

You can understand marketing automation as a ladder that’ll take you up in a faster and easier way. There is so much in online marketing and handling things all by yourself isn’t possible even if you work day and night. To run successful digital marketing campaigns, you just need to automate your tasks and activities. And that’s the best part about marketing automation that it saves 30% of your precious time. 


Email Marketing Automation 

In marketing automation services, email marketing is the most popular one. It describes the process of sending out emails to your customers or target audience automatically. You probably think that it can be done through an email schedule or defined triggers, right! But marketing automation provides much more than that. You’ll find a wide range of tools and functions that allows you to craft the whole process based on the analyzed subscriber behaviors. These types of emails are known as trigger emails. They have many types, but the most common of them are;

  • Welcome emails
  • Products or services info
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Birthday, joining date, and specific milestones emails

Why Do You Need Marketing Automation Tools?

Automating your marketing process has numerous benefits, but WHY DO I NEED IT? This question is undoubtedly wandering in your head. Here are some of the problems that lead us to why there is a need for automation services. 


  • I’m experiencing marketing incompetence and technical gaps.
  • I’m not getting qualified leads. 
  • The leads are hard to convert or not converting at all.
  • I have a punctured sales funnel.
  • There is no way in my funnel to optimize or track user engagement.

If you face any of the difficulties mentioned above, you should get marketing automation services like ClickFunnels. It is the best software that streamlines your whole business process like a pro. ClickFunnels is a SAAS (software as a service) developed to create landing pages and sales funnels, but fortunately, it provides all the marketing weapons you need to win the online war. 

What is Marketing Automation Used For?

Marketing automation is frequently used to streamline the everyday processes in the online market, such as email marketing, social media marketing, ad campaigns, or push notifications. It is also used to track and analyze customers’ online shopping behavior. Marketers can also use it to section target audiences to deliver personalized messages. 

Key Objectives of Marketing Automation Services 

Here are four fundamental objectives of marketing automation that help you understand what you gain if you adapt to the automation process at the organizational level. 

1- Campaign Personalization 

Personalization is essential in efficient lead nurturing. In marketing automation, you are totally free to personalize your connection with the audience. To deliver the right content to the right prospect at the right time in the buyer’s journey, CRM is a must-have. It provides you relevant segments and more significant insights in connecting with your audience. 

2- Boosting Productivity 

One of the awe-inspiring things about automation is that it boosts the productivity of your employees. It minimizes or eliminates human effort and time in repetitive or manual tasks, thus enabling them to focus on creative and productive tasks that cannot be automated and require human participation.  

3- Performance Measurement 

Automation allows you to track your campaign in real-time and how well your campaign is performing. In campaign analytics, you’ll have metrics such as click-through rate, open rate, and much more. It will let you know what type of content is working with your subscribers and what didn’t. Moreover, with marketing automation, you can optimize and improve your marketing campaigns along the way.

4- Improving Marketing Efficiency and ROI 

It is hard to keep track of individual leads and prospects and engage with them in larger organizations. In this case, marketing automation helps you a lot. Even if implemented at a basic-to-intermediate stage, it will schedule your bulk emails, analyze your prospects and their interests, nurture leads, defined workflows, and trigger engagements with customers such as sending feedback surveys, capture responses, etc. 

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