What advice would you give to your 4year old self?

Childhood plays a vital role in forming a base of an individual’s memories. Childhood being the best phase of life marks an advancement of learning, playing, and making memories. 

Here are the things that I could tell my 4-year-old self way back then, and maybe these will help you now.

  • So number one is, focus on yourself. Do not compare yourself to other people as it will just hinder your self-growth.
  • Being patient. Don’t trouble your parents with unnecessary tantrums and have a wait for things.
  • Enjoy your free time to the fullest because growing old is not at all a treat. With friends and family circles broadening, one can spend a considerate amount of time with oneself. So give time and cherish every little thing you get to do.
  • Don’t try to do everything that one sibling does, focus more on doing what makes you happy. Little things make a difference so go ahead and live this journey as a toddler to the fullest.
  • Stop wasting money on things that will be kept in the cupboard for years and years together without being used eventually.
  • To conclude, no matter where life takes you, always learn to love yourself, be it flaws and perfections, you are you. Pamper yourself by asking for the best 4year old gifts. Read more about the advice at https://www.gotrbayarea.org/.

As we all know parenting is not an easy task. Trying to make a living to earn a piece of bread is a far more hectic job and likewise fulfilling the wishes raised by a child requires patience. Top gifts for a 4-year-old girl are tricky to choose and coming to a conclusion on what is the best gift for a 4-year-old girl is elusive.

Following the legacy of pampering kids, the best present for a 4-year-old can be jotted down into different categories.

1) Toy train set– Kids love having adventures. So why not make them happy with this packet of the best gift for a 4-year-old girl.

2)Kids writing tablets– Give your kid the toy that helps in gaining knowledge.

3)Grooming set – Adults or children girls love to look dressed and clean all the time. 

4) Cycle- With the increase of technology, kids are glued to screen. Cycle riding will help them grow in the midst of nature by helping their minds grow.

5) Makeup kit- This has by far been the best present for a 4-year girl. Makeup and girls can not stay put.

6)Home appliance set- While some kids like toys and cars, some are fascinated with cooking tools.

7)Kids vanity set- Let this be the best present for your 4-year-old and surprise her with the enormous vanity space.

8)Count and run hopscotch set- Kids in this generation are not fond of going out and playing. With this game, the kid’s body will get some energy and enthusiasm.

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