Web development – what you need to know about it

The World Wide Web consists of a never-ending n incredible number of websites, applications, and services that we use every day without knowing their origin. But where do all these come from? The fundamental basis for of this each website is web development. In this article we explain what web development is exactly and which what basics you should know if you want to develop your own website.

What is Web development?

The software development of applications or websites on the web internet is known as web development. The Its primary goal is to create a programme that can be called up on the internet and is functional. In other words, it is about the programming that is needed for the functionality of a website –- the design is taken care of by web designers. 

The Sso-called web developers are responsible for web development. They create online shops, websites, or tools –- in for basically everanyything that we use on the internet every day. Their job is to create and regularly maintain the websites. A large part of web development also consists of identifying and solving errors. This is how websites are constantly developed and optimised.

What are the Technical Basics?

To understand the great large field of web development, you should be aware of know some of the technical basics of a website. Every website is stored on a server. You can get purchase such a storage space through so-called web hosts. Alternatively, there are also independent hardware components that can be rented from a computer centre, for example.

Once a website has a storage space, the next important thing it needs is a domain. This is a unique and unambiguous distinct name under which a website can be found and accessed on the internet. If someone wants to open a website, content should ideally be found there. This content is stored as data and accessed via transport protocols –- for example, the File Transfer Protocol FTP. The storage location is called ‘web space’. 

A website must be regenerated each time it is called up on the basis of the stored data. This requires databases, where the information is stored in a structured manner and can be used to generate the website each time it is called up.

Databases are used for this purpose. The information is stored there in a structured manner and can be used to generate the website each time it is called up.

The exact technical structure and technology behind a website can be very confusing and complicated. But now you have at least gained a little insight into the its functionality.

What are the most important The basic tools of web development?

Now that you know some of the technical basics, we will introduce you totell you about the three most common programming languages used to create a website. You could use them to With these you can write the code for your website yourself. Alternatively, you can use a content management system or hire contract experts to create your website.


The basic structure of a website is based on HTML code –- that’ short for Hypertext Markup Language. Perhaps you have already seen such a source code. It structures your website with so-called ‘tags’. These can be used to create text sections, headings, hyperlinks and much more. It can also be used to insert pictures or videos. The HTML language is based on text –- so this means, the structure of your website is written. 

Once you have written the HTML code for your website, the page will consist of it consists of several different elements that are displayed statically one after the other on your website. To influence design and change the visual presentation, you need the next tool we will introduce to youtell you about.


The Cascading Style Sheet –- CSS for short –- is responsible for the look appearance of your website. CSS adds design instructions to your HTML code. You can add and adapt colours, sizes, spacing, fonts and much more. This is how you gradually create the layout of your website. Once you have finished, your website is displayed in the browser in the desired formatting and with all the selected colours, fonts and so on. However, it is still static. To add functions and interactive elements to your website, you need another a different tool.


JavaScript is a scripting language that allows you to make your HTML code dynamic. This means you can enable user interaction and change or generate content. For example, you can add input fields or menus to your website. JavaScript consists of instructions and functions that are defined beforehand. These are triggered and executed when the website is opened or by certain actions of the visitors. 

With these three tools, you can create a website that contains content, design, and dynamic content. Of course, there are other programming languages and tools, but these three are the most popular and most used ones.


Getting started in website development is anything but easy for the unexperienced –- the technical aspects and programming can easily quickly become very complicated. But that is no reason to despair. There are many experts who know a lot about web development and can help you with your website. There is also a good web development service that can help you in this area.

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