Ways to use data to empower your business with Customer Data Analytics

As a business owner, the importance of customer data analytics should not be underestimated.The growing availability of Big Data allows companies to move beyond just collecting data and into the realm of deriving important information that helps them target their customers better than ever before.

By identifying specific trends in your customer’s behavior, you can acquire new customers more efficiently and start to develop an in-depth understanding of how your existing audience thinks and behaves, which could help you build trust with them in ways you never imagined possible. Salesforce data backup recovery can aid you in many ways.

Machine learning with data

The use of machine learning enables companies to gather data about each visitor who visits their website or interacts with their company online. This allows marketers to derive every possible from every single one of these interactions, which helps them maximize the value of each lead.

Customer data analytics can be used to learn about customers’ interests, passions, and daily routines – all of which should inform your marketing messages (and other messages, for that matter). This allows you to not only gather information about your core audience but also identify possible growth opportunities; after all, even if someone isn’t currently interested in what you have to offer, it doesn’t mean they won’t be at some point in the future.

Comprehensive customer profile

By building a comprehensive customer profile using customer data analytics, marketers can build incredibly high-value leads lists by targeting people who are more likely than others to convert on their products or services.   The result is more qualified leads with a higher probability of converting into sales, which delivers greater revenue to your business.

The reality is that the more you know about your customer base, the better equipped you are to market to them. Want to find out how customer data analytics can help you make informed choices? Our latest guide reviews all of the benefits of this type of information gathering for marketers working in a range of different sectors. If you’d like to learn how using data for marketing purposes could help free up your time and return bigger profits check out our infographic below or get in touch with us today.


Customer data analytics is all about transforming big data into areas that can empower your business. The list below details just a few of how you can use customer data to not only grow your current customer base but also improve upon existing strategies to maximize conversions and boost revenue.

Targeting high-value leads lists using various forms of customer data for marketing purposes allows marketers to sell more effectively by targeting specific prospects with information loud enough for them to hear it. This might sound like something that’s already being done, but there are two key differentiators between what you’re doing now and using customer data analytics.

You’re probably already using data to make some high-level decisions based on where this is most relevant, e.g., sending cold emails to people who fit a certain demographic. The difference with customer data analytics is that it allows you to target individuals at an extremely granular level to provide them with the most interesting information about your company. Secondly, more of your targeted messages will stick because each lead list has been developed exclusively for one specific purpose – i.e., not just for finding new customers and improving existing relationships with current ones.


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