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VoIPBusiness UK is a VoIP service provider that provides dynamically scalable telephony tools for UK businesses using our integrated, feature-rich, cloud-hosted system VoIP PBX service, Basic IVR, to increase productivity and collaboration, scale down costs and help businesses grow.

Our fully-featured VoIP communications system has been designed to help companies migrate from legacy systems to the cloud to integrate their communications in a maximum-security environment. It allows companies to make crystal clear calls anywhere in the world, from mobiles and softphones, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional system. To find out why our customers use VoIPBusiness UK, Go to our website our Here.


  • We design the most cost-effective plan – FREE
    • We will call you and discuss your requirements
    • We will analyze your current phone bill
    • We will provide a written quote on the plans/services we recommend


  • Unlimited talk time capped line – $66 per line
    • Landlines – No flag-fall (unlimited talk time and unlimited outgoing calls)
    • Mobiles – No flag-fall (unlimited talk time and unlimited outgoing calls)
    • 1300 numbers – 35c flag-fall (unlimited talk time)
    • 13 numbers – 35c flag-fall (unlimited talk time)
    • International timed calls (vary per country – full listing available on request)
  • Pay As you Go line – $11 per month
    • Call charges to Landlines– 10.6c flag-fall (unlimited talk time and unlimited outgoing calls)
    • Call charges to Mobiles– 16.5c per minute (no flag-fall, charged per second)
    • 1300 numbers – 38.5c flag-fall (unlimited talk time)
    • 13 numbers – 38.5c flag-fall (unlimited talk time)

International timed calls (vary per country – full listing available on request)


  • Cloud phone system hosting
    $12 inc GST per month
  • Technical ​support and account management
    20% of all phones lines and call costs


  • Setup fee
    $99 inc GST at start of service to commission all service

What is Basic IVR

Basic IVR, VoIPBusiness UK’s flagship product, is a world-class IP PBX virtual business phone system with all of the advanced features you would expect from a top-of-the-range IP PBX that integrates our full range of Unified Communications products into one secure environment to help UK businesses collaborate and grow.

What are the benefits of Basic IVR?

Basic IVR is a complete telephony system that includes advanced communications features and scalability to deliver secure communications on a robust network. The system, accessible from the desktop with a Plesk-style interface, just requires one or more SIP or mobile phones to get started, with no set-up costs.

Business-class quality of service

To achieve flawless, crystal clear VoIP calling, we use contemporary, state-of-the-art routers that prevent data loss, jitter, and latency. Our back-end infrastructure has been designed so that the highest-grade business-class call routes are available to you, which are among the clearest anywhere in the world.

By seamlessly integrating Basic IVR with Counterpath’s Bria app, companies are able to provide a fully unified mobile business model for the iOS and Android mobile platforms. Bria’s softphone X-Lite 5 desktop application also transitions into VoIP.

Provisioning, performance, and cost savings

With cloud computing, all updates are provisioned immediately and companies are able to collaborate far more effectively to boost performance and increase productivity, lower network management costs, streamline customer services and reduce telephony costs. Dig a little bit, it must look far away. So, is encryption a good standard or just marketing hype?

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