Uses of Adhesives In The Electronics Industry

The electronics industry is one the most famous industries today as everything is going completely digital, from online studying to online publications. We are highly dependent upon electrical devices but did you know that the electronics industry is highly reliant on adhesives for assembling and manufacturing. From sound damping adhesives to electrical adhesives, they have various uses, and here are some of them.


This is a process in the electronics industry in which a liquid material is added to the electronic assembly. This is the potting compound and provides resistance to heat, chemicals, and environmental conditions. The liquid added is an adhesive that is melted. It protects against vibration as well.

Light Blocking

Phones, tablets, and other electronic devices with LED technology use backlight units (BLU) to create the full spectrum of colors. However, for this to function correctly, there should be no leakage of light from it. Therefore the BLU adhesive is used for this purpose which is double-sided and helps block the light leaking from any component, ensuring the highest quality standards. 


This is done to control the radiation of electromagnetic energy. An adhesive is used to attach the electrical component to a surface. These adhesives provide thermal protection and work well in higher temperatures.

Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating is when a coating is added to PCB to protect a board’s components. For this process, an adhesive is utilized like epoxy and silicone. The purpose is to protect the electrical components from corrosion, moisture, high temperatures, and short-circuiting. This helps in extending the life of the device.

Surface Mount Devices

This is a method in which the electrical components or surface-mount devices are directly mounted to the circuit board. Then, these devices are placed on adhesive and attached or cured by exposure to UV radiation or heating. This process helps in holding these devices in place till other functions are completed. The adhesive plays a significant role here by holding the component temporarily till it can be attached by soldering.

Wire Tacking

An insulated wire is soldered at each end to the pads and then bonded to the substrate. The bonding helps the wire to stay in place and not get damaged by vibration. The adhesives used for wire tacking usually are superglues or epoxies. The primary purpose of this process is to improve the quality of the PCB by solving a design flaw or repairing board damage.

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