Understanding How To Delete Google Reviews

The benefit that comes with figuring out how to flag a google review is that it can be quite resourceful for those companies that have poor reviews under their Google My Business (GMB). Without it, poor reviews can cause your company name to become quite unpopular and as a result, tarnish your brand image. Especially, if they are shown highlighted in the results.

How A Brand Can Erase Any Distasteful Review

It is not an easy business to erase any traces of harmful comments from upset clients. Usually, companies Resort to taking it up with Google itself to discard any image tarnishing Google reviews by giving reasons such as violation of their guidelines or simply by just asking the critic to the harsh review they have written.

You need to get google reviews that help bring up your popularity not harbor the ones that make your company appear subpar.

If You Think A Review Is Spam Or Goes Against Google Policies Here Is What You Should Do:

Many businesses have unfortunately found themselves falling victim to getting phony reviews online on their Google My Business. While you can contact Google to delete these reviews on the premise of being spam or fake, you can also choose to put forward a request from Google to delete a review if it is unauthentic, irrelevant, or not useful.

These are three easy, quick-to-do steps you should follow to flag your review:

  1. Sign In
  2. Select the location of the business and tap on Reviews
  3. Search for the review you want gone, then click then flag it as inappropriate.

How Do You Delete a Google Review By Asking The User

If you have a google account you can both edit or delete any review you have ever typed. However, a customer might be unable to do it. Ask them to follow these directions:

Turn on Google Maps.

Click Menu on the top left corner.

Tap on to Your Contributions then click on reviews.

Click on More.

Choose the option edit or delete according to your intention.

How Else You Can Deal With A Poor Google Review

Deleting bad reviews is an efficient temporary solution but it’s no permanent fix to your problem. There are several other options you can select from to mitigate the situation and correct your image instead of committing unnecessary reviews.

Make Time For replying To Reviews

to keep replying to unwanted remarks Diligently made by unsatisfied customers on sites such as Reviewzerz. By doing so you will not only be able to fix the complaint but also save yourself from losing them as future buyers.

Invite More Reviewers To Share Their Thoughts and Look For The Positive

Ask your other customers to also leave down reviews in an attempt to bring in more likable reviews from satisfied buyers and to bury the poor reviews under them.

Google is one of the few reviewing websites that encourage you to ask customers for their critique. Google also permits you to come forward and request clients to send in their reviews.

You can ask customers to leave their reviews by emailing them or leaving them a text. Always ask your purchasers for their contact information so you can get in touch with them later. It is important to get their consent first and to inform them about how you will make use of their details. When you reach out to them, leave a short, straightforward message and make it a little personal to show them that you are attentive and care about their feedback. Lastly, provide a link that would direct them to your GMB listing.


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