Unable To Feel Motivated About Winning In Poker? – Read the List Of Top Ten Highest Winning Poker Players

All around the world, people are enthusiasts of the game of poker and are always willing to know who the top-grossing player of the year is? They are always keen to know what yow much they have earned from poker in the very last year, and what makes them earn so much? The reason behind people following such lists and be updated regarding all the activities is motivation. When they see the top poker players in the worldthen they start feeling motivated. They think of the fact that when they can do it they why can’t they.

That is why to provide such motivation to the secret gambling stars worldwide; here is a list of the top 10 gamblers in the world. These are the ones who have grossed the highest amount in the world just by playing poker.

  • Antonio Esfandiari 

Mr. Antonio is at the number 10th on the list with a gross net worth of 27 million dollars. One of the best players in the whole circuit of poker in the world, he is known for winning three series of poker tournaments and the title of WTP that three times in a lifetime. There are no other players who have won so many titles other than him.

If we see this player’s record, then the most significant win that he has seen is 18.5 million dollars on a single table in the year 2012. It is a huge amount that a person can go to in one time on a poker table as it is almost 60 percent of all the money he has. He is known to earn the maximum amount in poker tournaments at one time.

  • Tony G

According to him, Mr. Tony has a lifetime value of 36 million dollars, which is all made due to the poker matches. Other than being a professional poker player, he is a politician in the parliament of European nations. He is never seen winning any title of the WSOP but winning some good amount for more than 15 times. More than the poker, he has an investment company that is listed on the Canadian Exchange.

  • Justin Bonomo 

Justin Bonomo is a player who has won in both the life and the online casino tournaments. Yes, he is the only player that has got some huge success in both the types of casino playing games. The number of times he has won some huge money in poker tournaments is as high as 55. Out of these 55 times, he has won the title of the WOSP for like three times only. The one biggest drop that he has ever seen is 10 million dollars, which is in a tournament of the year 2018.

The largest event that he has won is the Super high roller bowl. This content was held in the year 2020. After that win, he is also a constant poker player who spends his life playing full-time, full-time poker.

  • Daniel Negreanu   

Daniel is not just known for the poker skills that he has but also for his personality. Due to this, he has plenty of fans in the world. The person’s net worth is 50 million dollars, and he has won the title of WOSP 6 times. The prize money that he has won as a whole in one tournament is 42 million dollars, and he has become the face of Poker Stars. Yes, he is the brand ambassador of one of the best poker applications in the world.

  • Brny Kenney 

Brny is an American player who has a net worth of around 56 million dollars. He also has a WOSP bracelet, which he wins for just one time, but he has won money around 32 times in the tournament. He has won the highest price in the poker tournaments ever, and in the charity event, he has won around 21 million dollars in London.

  • Doyle Brunson 

He is an old player who has his name written in the golden words in poker history. He is the winner of 10 WOSP titles in his life, out of which he had won the main title for two times in the year 1976 and 1977 also. He has earned around 6 million dollars in the live tournament, which is very less. This person has earned most of his money because he has won most of his money through high stakes bets.

  • Chris Ferguson

Chris is also a renowned player who is not much popular about the matches of poker. He is more famous for the fraud scheme of Full titt that has stolen around 450 million dollars from players, but later they have found that he is not the one. Once in the year 2000, he has scooped the prize of more than one and half a million dollars, but in his whole career, the money he has won from high stake gets is much more. Also, more than 90 times, he has won money in the WOSP.

  • Sam Farha 

He is the third player who has just crossed the level of 100 million. He is a Lebanese player with three winning bracelets of the WOSP, out of which he has won around 4.5 million dollars in one of the events. His wealth is a mixture of acting, book writing, and poker.

  • Phil Ivy 

Mr. Phil Ivy is an American player who has won 10 WSOP bracelets with an amount of about 4 million Australian dollars. He is a successful player who has played some highest stake games and won around 16 million dollars.

  • Dan Bilzerian

Who has not heard of the greatest poker player of all the time that is Dan Blizerian? Yes, the star player of the past decease started his life turning journey with a bag full of cash. He has a total gross amount of 200 million dollars and can go for the best bluff one has ever seen in life. He has won most of the net worth by playing poker. According to him,’ Poker is the game that has given him such a lavish lifestyle but playing poker is not an easy task, especially when it comes to money management.’ To know more about Dan Bilzerian and his lifestyle, read the article here.


These are the top 10 players of all times in the world who have changed their life with the poker game. Reading in detail about these players’ journey who have won a huge amount can motivate more and more gamblers to gamble and play poker.



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