Types of writing

It is important to know that the word writing comes from the Latin “scriptura”, which is directly related to the verb “write”. According to the above, we have that the concept of writing refers to the ability to translate an idea into a specific material in which some symbols are represented as letters .


In other words, one refers to writing to that system that helps the human being to capture through his own language, the use of certain typographic resources to develop texts that represent the ideas he seeks to capture.


From the historical point of view, it is known that the first evidence of writing was waxed tables on which some symbols were written through the use of previously sharpened reeds; with the passage of time they were modified reaching the use of feathers.


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Ideographic writing or Ideograms

Its first manifestations historically occurred in the period of Egyptian and Babylonian culture. A series of graphical representations are known of these that allude to particular stories. Today this type of writing is used in countries such as China, Vietnam and Taiwan.


The format of this type of writing is based on the use of symbols that represent certain words, although when read there is no direct relationship with the symbol itself.


Hieroglyphic writing

In ancient times, this writing format was used as a form of communication between tribes. For this they resorted to a series of inscriptions that were reflected in the monuments to record their wisdom. Today these types of hieroglyphs have been found dating back more than 35,000 years before Christ.


Hieratic writing

To a certain extent it is a form of writing derived from the hieroglyph, its form of writing consists of the union of a series of symbols that give an action to it, thus representing through a series of symbols a story that one wanted to capture. Symbolically, it bears a certain resemblance to the cursive form of writing.


Demotic writing

It is a type of hieroglyphic writing that resulted from a simplification of its use. It is a form of writing that in its use is used from right to left and turns out to be a mixture of consonant sounds and ideographic representations. From the historical point of view they have been found to be used in materials such as papyrus.


Cuneiform writing

From the historical point of view there are references to this writing format in Mesopotamia. Its representation was based on a series of rectangular-shaped impressions, which were embodied in a series of tablets with clay material. These were done through the use of a wedge.


Pictographic writing

A form of writing that according to history was applied in the period known as the Neolithic, which are reflected in a series of rocks in species of drawings that represented an idea that they wanted to communicate.


Alphabetic writing

Also known as a form of phonetic writing, its origin dates from the peoples known as Phoenicians and Canaanites. They seek to raise a series of ideas through the use of symbols that generate sounds or phonemes and in which the symbol at the end represents a specific idea.


Syllabary writing

They are a series of signs that come to represent a series of syllables depending on the combination of characters, which when put together will form a series of words that define a specific idea. Usually the consonants will go by rule before the vowels.


Sumerian writing

It is a form of writing that is based on representations that were embodied in ancient times on clay objects, what they sought in it was to represent the quantities of merchandise that were handled in the town. Later these notes were reflected in a series of printed tablets that had the shape of a cylinder.


Linear Write A

It refers to a form of writing that developed on the Island of Crete, especially in the ancient civilization of the Minoans. Little is known about this form of writing, what has come to be known is that it was widely used in the period from the seventeenth to the fifteenth century BC.


Linear Write B

In this type of writing there is a reference that a series of engravings were used in the shapes of curved lines, for this, a series of clay material tablets were used for a good handling in the engraving. For this they used a sharp point made of calamus material.

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