Turn Your Deal into a Home Run: Awesome Pitch Deck Templates



What’s the secret to a pitch deck that will convince any potential investor? Well, it might be hard to pinpoint one specific thing that does the trick. However, there are some things you’ll want to include in your pitch deck if you want it to be successful. This blog post will go over pitch deck templates and strategies for designing fabulous marketing decks!


Seal the deal for your project with a fabulous pitch deck. Here are pitch deck templates to get you started on your project. Keeping these things in mind will help ensure that every pitch deck is as successful as possible:


Keep it short and sweet: This means no more than 12 slides, but preferably around six or seven.


The pitch deck should be as visual as possible – Even for a business like finance, it can still be practical with lots of visuals.


Utilize pitch decks that are already out there – There’s nothing wrong with using pitch decks to get inspiration or even copy them entirely! You might want to try Venngage pitch decks templates.


Include a slide on your team: In this slide, include each person’s name and role. Another great addition is an image of the team together to give investors some face time with those pitching them.


Include a slide on your market: This should include information about the size of the market you’re going to be targeting and, in some cases, financial projections.

Show how much capital is needed: Pitch decks, or also known as sales decks, should include a slide on how much money is required and why.


Lastly, the pitch deck examples should convince investors that your project will be successful – You can do this by focusing on specific milestones or products; including these in your pitch deck shows that you know exactly what you want to accomplish and when.

How to Make a Pitch Deck With Venngage’s Tool?



Select the pitch deck template that matches your project – Venngage has a wide variety of designs, so there’s one for every business.


Customize it by adding images and text boxes with our drag and drop builder! Use this to add photos or create beautiful infographics in seconds.


Add an awesome introduction slide when you’re ready! This is the first impression you’ll make, so it has to be pitch-perfect.


When your pitch deck template is complete, download it for free and share it with potential investors or employers.


Who Can Use Pitch Decks? How Are They Used?



Pitch decks can be used by companies or independent people to pitch their idea or themselves in a job opportunity. They’re usually short and sweet, as this is your first impression of someone. An investor pitch deck can convince potential investors to invest in a project; it should include the current status of the company or individual pitching, details on why they are looking for money, projections of how much will be spent and earned overtime etc.


An entrepreneur pitch deck should include the current status of their company, what they want to accomplish with their pitch deck and why it’s essential. In addition, certain vital milestones will need to be included for investors to get a better idea of how much money is required and when projects can be expected.

Pitch deck templates available on Venngage can be customized, making the pitch deck creation process even more accessible. With our drag and drop builder, you can upload images or create awesome infographics in seconds! Our pitch decks also come with an excellent introduction slide to make your first impression stand out to potential investors.


With investor decks, an essential part of pitching your business idea or project is knowing how to make a successful one. Luckily, pitch deck templates are available to help you get started on the right foot.


A presentation deck can be beneficial when pitching an idea or yourself in a job opportunity! Venngage pitch deck templates have several designs that will match your project, whether it is for finance or marketing. They’re also easy to customize with photos and text boxes. Custom pitch decks can be downloaded and shared for free once they’re complete!


Having a suitable pitch deck template is key to pitching yourself or your business idea successfully. With Venngage’s pitch deck templates, you’ll know exactly how to make an excellent pitch that will convince investors or employers of your project’s success. Which pitch deck template matches your pitch, and who is pitching?


When you’re ready to make your pitch deck or template, start using pitch deck templates on Venngage! Our pitch deck templates can be used for various projects and purposes, so give them a try today!


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